A Beard for George R.R.Martin

To quote the great man, 'I'll double that if you dye it green'. And being now at a pitch for excitement for Game Of Thrones, the first episode of which was excellent beyond measure (and featured Harry 'Son of Mine' Lloyd' being wonderfully villainous), I was reminded of his wager. So, shameless as I am...

You would not believe how icky this stuff is. I think it's luminous too. I may still be gently pulsating at Eastercon. Only five days left! Cheerio!

UPDATE: George was indeed generous enough to double his donation! Thank you, sir! And I am still getting bits out. One of the insides of my ear was green. The tinge caused a bit of consternation doing the shopping today, let me tell you. Cheerio again!

12 Response to "A Beard for George R.R.Martin"

  • spastasmagoria Says:

    You missed a spo--oh hell. Never mind. good job, you :)

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Paul it makes you look scary. Am not coming back now til after Easter lol.

    As to Game Of Thrones the second episode is even better:)

  • frostfox Says:

    Heavens above, you'll make the women faint and scare the horses!

    Or just possibly make the horses faint and scare the women.


  • Brian Says:

    I've had a beard for most of my life, and on the rare occasions I've shaved it off, I've hated the way I looked. But please don't let that influence you. In fact, it would be very bad if it did.

  • DanielW Says:

    It suits you.
    Not the greeniness, but the beardiness.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, everyone. I'm very much of the opinion that it's coming off before anyone sees me on Sunday morning.

  • pbristow Says:


    But the beard's looking quite nice. =;o}

  • I.C. Finney Says:

    With the right marketing this image could become a meme as iconic as Bob Dobbs. Put the on a t-Shirt with a Looney Tunes tunnel behind it. A cheerful sight on a sad day.

  • Teresa Says:

    Next step: Mohawk and spiky dog collar. DO IT. :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you all, and Teresa: no.

  • Craig Says:


    I may not be a horse, but it sure scared me.