Kenneth Rocafort in Action, plus Stuff!

DC Comics' news site The Source yesterday featured this lovely cover:

Which is Kenneth Rocafort providing the cover for #902 of the comic of which he is the new artist. I couldn't be happier (and don't worry, no harm has befallen Pete Woods). Those hands are Doomsday hands!

Meanwhile, I thought I'd better feature some bits and pieces that I'd wanted to put up over the last few weeks.

For the last three years, Jody MacGregor has been blogging 100 Comics to Read Before You Die). It's a brilliant series of reviews, particularly if you're a mainstream comics reader who's wondering what's good in the worlds of indie.

My old friend (Lost writer, Just A Minute winner and creator of The Middleman) Javier Grillo-Marxuach has now become a music video director, with the following track, 'Ghosts of Syllables' from the band Admiral Radley...

Next he'll be competing in the Olympic pentathlon or being cast as James Bond or something.

To celebrate International Women's Day, here's Teresa's article about a very deserving convention, the upcoming first annual Geek Girl Con!

Barry Nugent's Fallen Heroes comic has sold out of its first printing, but there's now an e-edition. Great stuff, Barry.

And it's with great delight that I report that my friend, and fellow Tor Books author, Adrian Tchaikovsky, was once in an amateur Doctor Who video! I present, for your entertainment, 'The Plague of Lychwood'....

Do check back tomorrow, when I'll be revealing the charitable thingumajig I'll be doing for Lent, which has already reduced my wife to a state of abject horror. Until then, Cheerio!

4 Response to "Kenneth Rocafort in Action, plus Stuff!"

  • Mark Coale Says:

    I may have missed some news, but is this cover confirmation that you will be writing for Superman in Action, presumably after #900? Not to slight the adventures of Lex and Robot Lois, but been looking forward to Superman's return to the title.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh yes, that's been the case since I started.

  • Craig Says:

    Since you referenced Jody, I'll throw in some beard money. :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you!