Eagle Awards Nomination Time

I had a great time at the SFX Weekender, and will blog about it at more length later in the week. For now, do me a favour and pop along to The Eagle Awards 2011 where you'll find drop down menus mentioning me, artists like Pete Woods and Jimmy Broxton, editors like Matt Idelson and Janelle Siegel and titles like Action Comics and Knight and Squire. Asking for public support has been frowned on in previous years, but this time round we've all been positively encouraged to get the vote out. So please consider my work, but if you don't want to nominate it, then go for something you do like. Cheerio!

8 Response to "Eagle Awards Nomination Time"

  • Claude Says:

    I've done it.
    Sorry, I had to put Rags Morales and John Dell as penciller and inker.
    They are brilliant together and I can't believe they weren't already on the list.
    You and Action get top scores, though!
    Plus, I tell everyone about Action and Knight and Squire, so there's an award for you!

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Okay have voted and added scifipulse.net to the websites lol.

    I know its a bit cheeky. But I figured why not.

    Voted for you as favorite writer. Cy Dethan as my favorite new writer.

    Voted for Action as fav comic

    and Knight and Squire as favorite comic set in UK or whatever it was.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Claude! Good idea, Ian.

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Paul: I wasn't thinking of it as a great idea at the time lol. I was just being a bit cheeky putting the site down.

    Come to think of it though. It wasn't all that bad of an idea given that we are a mixed bag of television and comics.

    If I could I would have put the podcast down as well, but that's still a little fresh from the move and finding its feet again.

    We've had some cracking interviews to start the year off as well.

    Talking of which. Have not tweeted or facebooked this yet. But Wayne has just released his second episode of Waynes Comics.

    So if you wanting to know what Wayne is reading at the moment and what he's looking forward too head over to www.sfp-now.com

    Looking forward to listening to your podcast whenever that comes out.

  • Mark Coale Says:

    left my votes, but really confused as to the demarcation of who was "new" and who was not.

    I assume it's "new" to big two or something.

    I mean, McKelvie was listed as New Artist and I've been reading his Oni stuff for what seems like a decade.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Yeah, there's all sorts of odd newcomers.

  • Keith Miller Says:

    You got my vote! Paul, last year you kindly said you'd foreword my book on running the fan club when its near completion and I find a publisher. Well, those two counts have been fulfilled! What do you want me to do now?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Find me on Twitter, so I can give you my email address and we can have a chat. Who's your publisher?