Benny Live On Stage

This Sunday, 2nd May, as part of Sci-Fi London, there's an event entitled The Birth of Modern Doctor Who, with many contributors to the series old and new appearing. The final item is a reading of my Bernice Summerfield audio play Closure, by original stars Lisa Bowerman and Sarah Mowatt. To find out more, check out the Big Finish link here.

I'll pop along if I can, but we're staying over at a wedding the evening before, so it may be too much of a journey. It's wonderful that Bernice is being honoured in this way.

Had a fabulous time at the Clarke Awards last night. Congratulations to China Mieville, who made a very apt acceptance speech, which suited the dignity of the occasion. Pulse Executive Producer Simon Heath had come along to see what the British SF community was like, and he seemed to have a good time meeting everyone. Indeed, I left him still going strong. Wonderful to have a head honcho who's that interested in the genre and the people behind it.

Until next time, Cheerio!

Pulse Advance Reviews

A handful of preview copies of my forthcoming BBC3 pilot Pulse are now out there in the world, and the first couple of reviews have come in. And they're rather pleasing. I wouldn't normally link to positive reviews, but in this case, creating a buzz before broadcast in June, with your help, is all-important. Besides, it helps to give you a feeling for what the show's about.

The guys at Geek Syndicate gave us a thumbs up. And the Forbidden Planet International blog , this time with a screen grab of the lovely Claire Foy, joined in the applause. Thanks for that, chaps!

In other news, as the convention menu at the right now indicates, I'll be at Alt.Fiction in Derby on June 12th. I love the fact that this press release mentions the Derby Whoovers Doctor Who group by name in the list of concessionary prices. With Mike Carey, Ramsey Campbell and Rob Shearman also there, it should be a great day.

And finally, CBR have four pages of art from the forthcoming Age of Heroes, including one page of the Captain Britain and MI-13 story by me and Leonard Kirk.

You lot, my freaky darlings (as Joan De La Haye always puts it in her Twitter posts), are going to make all the difference in deciding whether or not Pulse goes from being a pilot to being a series. It was the online reaction that gave us the fabulous Being Human. I know we've got the scripts and plots and an awesome cast and crew ready, but none of that will matter unless a huge noise gets made on broadcast night, and in the run up. We'll have stuff for you to check out in the next few weeks. Influencing the BBC: that'll be your call.

Until next time, Cheerio!

Lex's Lab Video

Jeffrey Renaud of Comic Book Resources did a great interview with me about Lex Luthor in Action Comics, and alongside it is this...

Pete Woods' designs for Lex's lab, which we'll be using in the comic! It's good to be able to share those with the world. Cheerio!

Ten Things for the Weekend: Doctor Who Special

It's good to get back, after the excitements of the last couple of weeks, to our regular (ish) Ten Things column. Many Doctor Who things this week, but let's start with a couple from other sources...

1: Scott Andrews is blogging his thoughts on the whole Sherlock Holmes canon, starting with A Study in Scarlet. There's a thorough level of detail here, under fun headings.

2: Wordpunk Radio is a new podcast, also available on ITunes, covering SF in print, media, and tech news. Their latest episode achieves something I haven't yet managed: a (semi) coherent account of Eastercon.

3: Did the character of Adelaide in the Doctor Who story 'The Horror of Fang Rock' make a particular impression on you? No, go on, say yes. Ahem. In that case, you may want to pop along to this fan site, found by Nick Walters. It's The Annette Woollett Online Center and it lands just this side of the charming/boggling axis. It's that last frame of the closing credits that does it. Though one can't get over the idea that catering for such a... niche... audience makes it feel like some sort of trap.

4: It's The Doctor's To Do List on a t-shirt. My favourite sort of geek fashion, that for which the issue of copyright is irrelevant, because we're asked to be in on the joke.

5: Daleks Vs. Mechons!

It's a fan-made 'trailer' for the non-existent third Peter Cushing Doctor Who movie. And it's excellent. Watch out for the Charles Hawtrey cameo.

6: Monster Maker is the very talented chap who created my Bernice Summerfield action figure. He's got a blog which shows off his custom figures, including his excellent William Hartnell TARDIS interior.

7: Dale Chase is a geek rapper, who offers, well, it's great, but it's also the only Doctor Who-related hip hop track I've ever heard (I'm going to be sent links now, aren't I?), 'Who's Your Doctor?' as a free download. The video for 'Think Geek' on his main site is also very sweet.

8: While this blogger makes geography their art, offering views of modern day Doctor Who locations using Google Street View.

9: And this chap has put his efforts into restoring the damaged prop of a Cleaning Robot from the Doctor Who story 'Paradise Towers'. It's clearly a labour of love, and informative of his process, too.

Aren't Doctor Who fans a creative bunch? I know I haven't said anything about Matt Smith so far. Some of that's down to so much happening in my own work life, and some of that's down to the reaction to him and the new show being so hugely positive that I felt that I didn't need to do anything more than nod in agreement. But, truth be told, I'm in the middle of a fannish rush of love for the show such as I haven't felt in ages. There was something profound about 'The Eleventh Hour', particular the first five minutes, where we meet the new Doctor as a small child does. I think it might actually be my favourite Doctor Who episode ever. Seeing it with a vast audience at Eastercon, all of them transported, laughing, squeeing like serious SF fans shouldn't... amazing moment. And oh my God: Amy Pond. The new show makes me want to be eight years old again, so I could really see it properly.

Oh, yes, sorry, we were in the middle of Ten Things, weren't we? Okay, last up today, our traditional horse-related-TV-title-sequence-of-the-week...

10: The Flashing Blade.

When I was a child, I found this imported show to be almost impossibly exciting. Our heroes even ride horses in an exciting, manly way! Now I find the way that the titles merge into the action of the opening episode rather groovy.

I may well get my thoughts together for a proper Eastercon report next week. It was, in short, my favourite convention ever. Which was about people and panels as well as Hugo nominations. It deserves to be talked about, so I should try to. Until then, Cheerio!

I Ramble

My befuddled ramblings have been sorted into a pleasing order by Teresa Jusino of this parish in a new interview at She asked good questions, about Captain Britain, Doctor Who, Action Comics, the Hugos and the Hamilton stories, then let me go on and on, and the end result is very me.

This weekend, we'll get back to a full Ten Things blog! And I think they might all be Doctor Who things, or at least nine Who things and a horse-related-TV-title-sequence. Let joy be unconfined!

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

No, it's, erm, me, as the new writer on Action Comics! (Cover above by David Finch.)

As you might be able to tell from the piece, I'm seriously psyched to be working on such a legendary title, and to be back on an ongoing again, and to be working with artist Pete Woods, whose designs are a delight already. And my first story arc centres on Lex Luthor, who's always been a favourite of mine.

Phew, I've been sitting on that news for ages. Glad it's out there now! Cheerio!

Read Captain Britain for Free and Pulse Broadcast!

Thanks to the wonderful guys at Marvel, you can now read the first two issues of the Hugo-nominated Captain Britain and MI-13: Vampire State for free on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. No subscription or sign up needed, just go here and start reading. I'll add a permanent link on the blog in a moment.

Today's other huge news: the pilot of Pulse will be screened in a BBC3 pilot season in early June. I'll let you know the date when we know. Much more about that down the line. Much, much more! Woo, excitement all round! Cheerio!

Two New Cover Images

The first, this morning, is Trevor Hairsine's cover to the forthcoming With Great Power, a superhero prose anthology edited by Lou Anders, in which I'm featured alongside many of the greats of both SF and comics.

The second is Joe Roberts' cover to The Mammoth Book of Best New SF #23, edited by Gardner Dozois, also forthcoming, in which I'm also featured, that being a common theme, this being my blog. Hello. I'm still getting over Eastercon, and now I'm explaining things in great detail like Mojo Jojo.

I think they're both gorgeous. Until next time, Cheerio!

Hugo Nom Joy

You may have noticed I've added, top right, a permanent link to a free PDF copy of 'One of Our Bastards is Missing'. I promise to stop going on about that. Eventually.

Here's Vincent Docherty's photo of the bunch of us at Eastercon who were Hugo nominated, dancing for joy together.

Amongst that throng are, from the left: James Bacon; Cheryl Morgan; a gentleman whose name I don't know (do tell me); Sue Mason; me; someone whose head I've obscured with my leaping and bounding (again, let me know); Ellen Datlow and Farah Mendleson. And at the front is Chris Garcia. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for helping to make it such a brilliant weekend. Cheerio!

Hugo Nominations!

I'm tremendously honoured to be able to rush in from a ceremony at Eastercon tonight, and tell you that I've been nominated for two Hugo Awards! One is for Captain Britain and MI-13: Vampire State, in the Graphic Story category. The other is for 'One of Our Bastards is Missing' in Best Novelette. To everyone who nominated me: thank you so much. You really have no idea how much the nominations mean to me. I'm definitely going to be at the awards ceremony at Worldcon in Melbourne in September. Links and more glee from me in the next couple of days! Thank you thank you thank you! Cheerio!

Guest of Honour Olympus 2012

I'm pleased to now be able to tell you that I'm going to be one of the Guests of Honour at the 2012 Eastercon, Olympus 2012, which will be held near Heathrow, at the same site as the current convention. The other Guest of Honour so far announced, and this makes me gleeful too, is George R.R.Martin.

I'm honoured and flattered to have been so chosen. I'm going to make a pain of myself with the committee in the next two years, by going on and on about how every convention should have a cheap Young Adult rate, and how every item on the programme should be about fantasy or SF or any of the related genres. But I'm sure they knew that when they picked me.

If you're a follower of the blog, I should just mention to keep an eye for updates in the next few days. Stuff is happening, dears! Until then, Cheerio!