The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Nine

Your Fan Fiction.

I was thoroughly heartened by the response to yesterday's blog. Having posted it, I felt sure there'd be some nastiness in return, but none has so far materialised. You lovely people. Today's offering is something I've been looking forward to for ages: a collection of our readers' fan fiction featuring characters I created. (Any copyright holders reading this, please note, it's all done for love, there's no money involved.) Everyone, please do take a look at some of these links and tell us what you think. I got my start as a writer with Doctor Who fan fiction in the fanzine Cygnus Alpha (I really hope nobody's got a copy). It's both a tremendous proving ground, and/or tremendous fun, depending on how much critique the writer seeks or is offered.

I though the best way to present this list would be character by character. So let's start with...

Bernice Summerfield.

I created Bernice as a new companion for the Seventh Doctor in the Virgin Doctor Who novel Love and War, and since then she's gone on to star in a continuing series of audio plays from Big Finish. I'm amazed and proud that she's still around, and that there's fan fiction about her.

Mark Phippen offers us a story of Professor Summerfield on a legendary lost planet, with its equally legendary, it seems, last inhabitant, in which she stumbles upon the sad and strange 'Secret of Menarios'.

Benny accompanies the Seventh Doctor on a bitterwseet visit to the Brigadier and his wife Doris in Paul Scoones' 'Signifying Nothing'.

Mags Halliday provides us with a story that implicitly follows on from the end of the BBC Books Doctor Who novel The Dying Days, in which Bernice, with the Eighth Doctor, discovers something about his past encounters with a historical figure, in 'The Ravages of Time'.

In 'Faith' by Patrick O'Seanessay, Bernice and the Seventh Doctor discover what seems to be a new group of monsters, only to find that they have something to do with one of the Doctor's previous adventures, and things are not quite as they seem.

Faiza Hussain.

Faiza, young doctor, super hero fan and now the wielder of Excalibur, from Captain Britain and MI-13, seems to be a popular subject for fan fiction, and I couldn't be happier. It lets her live on, at least until she appears in a Marvel title again. Seriously, guys, thanks so much for choosing her.

Faiza had some encounters with the world of British superheroics before she got powers of her own, as is revealed in 'Five Times Faiza Hussain Meets a Superhero' by Muccamukk. It was written before certain things happened in the comic, so the contradictions with canon aren't deliberate.

Faiza's father was turned into a vampire during MI-13's battle with Dracula, and 'Forbid What is Evil' by Lilacsigil shows her, with the aid of her team mates, starting to deal with that situation.

Redeem147 uses the visit of one of Faiza's aunts to send us on an exploration of how Faiza fits in with MI-13. It all leads to a most unusual tea in 'All in the Family'.

Matt Duarte is one of the group of people who run Thought Balloons, a writing exercise site, where every week they pick a character and each write a page of comic script about them. He chose Faiza in the week I announced this story search, and encouraged his fellow scribes to try their hand. He himself produced a short and sweet encounter between Faiza and The Fury, 'Hippocratic Oath' and Ryan K. Lindsay had her meeting Doctor Doom in 'At the Centre, Lies the World'. And if you click around the site you'll find at least five more Faiza scripts. Thanks, all of you!

And Teresa Jusino, of this parish, has written a festive, romantic, journey for Faiza and Dane Whitman, the Black Knight (which also, erm, I think includes a reference to my wife's band) in the form of 'Faiza's Christmas Miracle'.

John Smith and Joan Redfern.

The characters of the Doctor Who story 'Human Nature' were also people whose lives you enjoyed returning to.

Paul Gadzikowski examines what might have happened to John and Joan had the Family of Blood never found them in 'Real', and suggests a different spin on the Doctor's punishment of the Family in 'Motivation'.

In 'Those Left Behind' by Thunderemerald, intriguingly, Captain Jack Harkness goes to look for the Doctor, and finds Joan Redfern instead...

'All Roads Lead to You' by Moonmamma is a romantic epic of many chapters that brings together the continuities of the Eighth Doctor, the Tyler family and John Smith in the way that only fan fiction can.

I.C. Finney looks at a moment from Joan Redfern's life subsequent to her time with John in 'After the Storm'.

And another crossing of continuities takes place as the Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter John Smith in a terrible situation in Ria's 'Dear John'.

The Scream of the Shalka Characters.

Alternatives and might have beens are always popular with fan fiction writers, and you can't get more alternative now than Richard E. Grant's then official but subsequently unbound animated Ninth Doctor.

JJPOR shows us a brief snippet of a chess match between the Doctor and the robot Master in 'Predictability'.

Paul Gadzikowski, in his 'The Generals' shows us a moment from his own ongoing epic which combines the Richard E.Grant Doctor with the characters from Star Trek: Enterprise and takes the lot of them off in a whole new direction. (Something else only fan fiction does. It was always Doctor Who and Blake's 7 back in my day.)

'Tricks of the Light' by Craig Oxbrow is a full on romp of an adventure for the Doctor, Alison and the Master, taking all sorts of cues from what's been established for this Doctor and his team.

And JohnAmendAll's 'The Path of Duty' is an encounter between this Tardis crew, Second Doctor companion Victoria Waterfield, and Big Finish Eighth Doctor companion Lucie Miller. Again, there's the spectrum of what fan fiction can do.

Characters from 'Father's Day'.

A couple of you fondly remembered Pete Tyler and, erm, the Reapers!

Icebluenothing is the author of 'Father Christmas', a moving yuletide encounter between Pete Tyler and the Ninth Doctor.

And Veronica Litt describes, in the form of a letter, an encounter between an ordinary person, the Doctor, and the Reapers, in 'The Strange Events that Transpired as I Studied for my Ancient Greek Exam'.

Jarvis Poker, the British Joker.

I'm amazed and delighted that after a single appearance in the first issue of Knight and Squire, Jarvis, a sweet British 'cover version' of the American super villain original, is getting his own fan fiction.

James Fairlie has created a frankly insane mixture of, well, you'll see, as Jarvis meets Lex Luthor at the airport, and together they journey through a 'Crisis on Infinite British TV Shows', which I think may be an attempt to include just about everything I've ever written for. I don't think I'd use a word like 'poppycock', though.

And John Lees allows us to join Jarvis, and a number of other British super heroes and villains, for a festive frolic in 'Merry Christmas, Mr. Poker'.

I do find that tremendously pleasing. Our last two stories are both extraordinary efforts that feature stuff I didn't dream would crop up in this survey of fiction. Firstly, M.L. Zambrana presents us with 'Bells', the only, so far as I'm aware, existing piece of Pulse fan fiction, based not even on the pilot episode, but on a few preview clips! How brilliant is that?

And, very flatteringly, Heretic has written 'Spring Before Summer' a prologue to my novel British Summertime, featuring Squadron Leader Douglas Leyton. Really, that's tremendously kind of you.

As you'll have seen, a number of those stories were hosted by some of the specialist fan fiction communities out there on the net. They're home to many more like the above. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, and I'll see you tomorrow for more festive stuff. Cheerio!

18 Response to "The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Nine"

  • John Lees Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Paul! I look forward to reading some of these other fanfics.

  • Jo Says:

    Yay! I have been looking forward to this post! Can't wait to read some of these. :D

  • sensiblecat Says:

    What a brave and generous thing to do, to expose your original characters to the imagination of us ficcers. If I'd caught up with you in time I'd have mentioned my own effort where a reunited Doctor and Rose drop in and find out what Joan did after your story ended. It's still a favourite of mine.

    Anyway, I'm looking foward to checking out some of the others.

  • Craig Says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    There only being one Pulse story rather makes me want to get writing. Hmm... maybe something with brain transplants?

  • Matt Duarte Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our site Paul. Faiza was a challenging character to write, which is always fun.

    I also invite everyone to check out our site, Thought Balloons (, and we always encourage participation from visitors.

    This week, in honor of the festivities, we chose Santa Claus as the character of the week.

  • james Says:

    Awesome stuff, and thanks for the mention. I'm really rathewr proud to have written something that the writer of #893 thinks is 'frankly insane.' I'm looking forward to reading some more of these. So far I've read the other Javis story by John Lees, and very much enjoyed that.

  • I.C. Finney Says:

    Overjoyed at this mention Paul. Thank you, best regards, Ian.

  • Teresa Says:

    Didn't I tell you that my story was also Boogie Me fan fic? :)

    Thanks for including me and for doing this in the first place! You've created some great characters, sir!

  • Brad Hill Says:

    I'm very proud and honored to be on the list. It only seemed natural to write a fanfic based on Douglas Leyton since British Summertime is the novel that introduced me to your writing. Thank you for the kind introduction.

    There's more than a few on their that I look forward to reading, too. Starting with the Jarvis Poker ones.

  • Paul Scoones Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my story, Paul. It has inspired me to write about it on my own blog.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks again, everyone. And I should say, Jarvis will be back in Knight and Squire #5 and #6.

  • Mags Says:

    Thanks for the mention. I'll try to read the others over the holidays (and break my 'Merlin' fanfic reading habit).

    I've just realised that story was the first to be published under Mags L Halliday - prior to that I was just Liz Halliday, SKARO contributor.

    When I first saw an original character from 'History 101' in someone's fanfic I was delighted. Having started in the unofficial world, I felt like it meant I'd really become pro - not only was I getting paid to write Doctor Who but I was being ficced!

  • Craig Says:

    Well, I had a brain transplant plot, thought it was really rather cool, then remembered Judge Dredd had already done it. Oh well, maybe next year.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I also get a proud glow from having been ficced!

  • Colleen/redeem147 Says:

    I'm so far behind that I didn't realize you'd posted this. Thank you for linking. I love Faiza.

    Heck, I love all your characters.

    Now I have reading to do over the holidays.

  • M.L. Zambrana Says:

    Thanks very much for the mention, Paul! I've been writing fanfic since 1993 (did a "Quantum Leap" fic, "Friends For All Time"--I tried to sell it to Avon Books when they were doing the QL series but got nowhere), and I have to say that your open-minded appreciation of fan fiction is wonderful.