Grodd Reaction and New Death Cover

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words concerning Action Comics #893, which comes out today in the UK. I think it's my best single issue of comics writing, and the reaction has been very heartening. I was particularly honoured to be given iFanboy's Pick of the Week for the second time. As a fan of their podcast, it's something I always have in mind when I'm writing comics. So I'm looking forward to their audio about the issue on Monday. I've done interviews about the run with Comic Books Resources and Atomic Comics.

On the subject of Action, I was excited to discover that one of my comic art heroes, P. Craig Russell, who drew Killraven back in the day, has provided us with an alternate cover to #894, the issue where Death of the Endless takes centre stage. This is it.

Please join me in saying 'wow'.

Finally, in superhero-related news, you remember I've contributed a story to George R.R. Martin's new Wild Cards anthology Fort Freak, which is out in June 2011? Well, celebrated author Cherie Priest has written the arc plot for the book, which my story fits into, and a preview excerpt is available at George's site here. Very much looking forward to that.

I'm at that nice point where I'm just getting over a cold and energy is flooding back. I've been doing well with that Hamilton story in the meantime, though, as well as providing horoscopes (using my vast powers of clairvoyance and sarcasm) on Twitter, so it's not as if I haven't been busy. Until next time, Cheerio!

16 Response to "Grodd Reaction and New Death Cover"

  • joelmead Says:

    Beautiful alternate cover but Russell is an amazing artist…

  • Teresa Says:

    FYI - I reviewed Action Comics #893 in today's Rapid-Fire reviews at Newsarama! :) Here's the link:

    I also review Angel #37, if you're interested...

  • Aimee Says:

    That cover is GORGEOUS.

  • hellbob Says:

    Beautiful! And hooray for another Wild Cards novel.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    He certainly is, Joel! Thanks, Ter, for that very kind review. Indeed, Aimee and Hell, indeed! And yes, wait until you see the Wild Cards book, it's great stuff.

  • Mike Maddox Says:

    Oh, that's lovely.

  • The Sword Is Drawn Says:

    Had a chance to read this, last night.

    Greatly enjoyed too.

    I've not been on here posting as regularly as I have in the past, over the past couple of issues of Action, but can I say just how much I HAVE been enjoying it.

    I'm very much more of a Marvel guy (As some of you are probably aware) so I'm coming to this run with very little prior knowledge of more than Lex, Lois (Well, the real Lois) and, in this case, Death... (Nice twist by the way - did wonder how that was going to come about)

    I may not have been aware of some of the villains before, but I've found it perfectly accessible, and a lot of fun. It's just cool to read Lex having this odd adventure and reading of what lengths he'll go to on this personal quest.

    Reading the "Kneel before Grodd!!" line in this issue did personally make me laugh out loud, also. :)

    Greatly looking forward to the next issue, and generally finding out which direction this story heads in. Cheers, Paul.

  • Brian Says:

    Couldn't say if #893 really is your best comics writing so far -- given all the possible criteria, and all the ways of weighting criteria, how would one decide that? -- but it's terrific stuff. A very nice expression of its lead character, in that it's highly intelligent, premeditating, constantly surprising, and deeply twisted. Good dirty fun.

    Looking forward to Death. (Perhaps there's a better way to put that.) There are a lot of good writers active right now, but relatively few would have the right sensibility for that -- you, certainly, perhaps James Robinson or Mike Carey. And since Neil's in on it too, this should be something special. Just the idea of doing it in the first place is fantastic.

  • odessasteps Says:

    Any chance Grodd's weapon of choice was an homage to a certain giant blue insect hero, who also had a fondness for said item?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Mr. Sword. Letting people know about the villains is one of my aims, so I'm glad to hear it's accessible. Thanks, Brian. And Odessa: no, I've never seen The Tick!

  • Tommy Says:

    Killraven! Lordy that takes me back... One of my first cheesy D&D characters was called Kilraven... But I WAS about 11 and it was about 1980, so dont take the piss...

    Beautiful cover by the way...

  • Lurid Chief Says:

    Hey, guys!

    You can see Craig discussing the ACTION COMICS variant cover in this installment of PCR TV:

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I called a character that too! Best name ever! And thanks, Lurid, I promoted that to a blog post!

  • Mart Says:

    Wow! Lovely image from Mr Russell.

    Ah, that Action Comics #893 was a gem from beginning to end, well done to you and both gangs.

    Grodd's weapon reminded me of a fun moment in the sitcom Agony in which a disturbed fella threatened Maureen Lipman's Jane Lucas with a hastily grabbed kitchen utensil, and she says: 'Go ahead, spoon me to death'. Bet she'd not be so glib with Grodd in her face. You're too young to remember this, Paul!

    And just in case you're not bored by positive reviews, here's mine:

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks for that. You know, that's the only time Gorilla Grodd and Maureen Lipman have ever been in the same sentence.