Knight and Squire

I'm very pleased to say that my second book for DC Comics is a very British one. Knight and Squire appeared most recently in Grant Morrison's Batman run, and they come from a deliberately over the top, tremendously fun DC Britain that had previously been only slightly explored. If Captain Britain was a more realistic take on British superheroics, Knight and Squire delights in Mary Poppins absurdity, in what I think is a quite 2000AD way. The artist on this six issue miniseries is the great Jimmy Broxton, who I've found shares my joy in all things Round the Horne and Carry On. Check out the story at DC's blog here. And here's Yanick Paquette's lovely cover to our first issue:

In other DC news, following the selling out of my first issue of Action Comics, here's the lovely David Finch variant cover for our second edition, featuring Lex in his regular power suit:

I'm loving these gigs. I'm sure you can tell. Until next time, Cheerio!

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  • Teresa Says:

    Ooh! I'm looking forward to this new project! I really liked Squire in particular in the Batman I read in which she's been featured. Good luck with that! :)

  • Ben Rogers Says:

    Fantastic! It's about time the UK portion of the DC universe got some attention (and who better to write it, frankly?).
    Here's hoping we see a few of the other UK origin DC charaters in the title (i.e. Crusader, Templar, The Hood, Goddiva, Spring Heeled Jack, Gentleman Ghost, Toyman, Cheetah, Mirror Master...)

  • DanielW Says:

    I know this isn't going to be "Batman and MI:13" but I'm still insanely eager for this series simply because it's you, playing in a familiar sandbox, with new toys.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Long time reader, first time poster! Firstly, I wanted to say thanks for consistently recommending so many great comics on your blog. The Unwritten and Chew are just two titles I regularly read and enjoy after you enthused about them here.

    Secondly, this is fantastic news. I really miss Captain Britain, and this looks like it has the potential to explore a different dimension of the unique, quirky 'Britishness' you brought to that comic.

    Just one question: when's it out? (or is it too early to say?)

    Best wishes,

    Mark Williams

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Only ever heard of Knight and Squire never actually read them.

    Anyway, Wayne jumped on this for his Comix Portal segment. We've been really excited about you joining DC.

    We're also really excited about Madam Samurai too. Which is a completely different note. Of course:)

  • Paolo Boscolo Says:

    so, I won't have a Cornell's Cap Brit...but I'll have Knight and Squire?!?

    well, that's quite a news. very good indeed, mate!!

  • Mart Says:

    Congrats on the Action Comics sell-out, and as for Knight & Squire, way-blooming-hey. The British DCU could do with fleshing out, and you've certainly the talent to do it. I'm thrilled to bits, and can't wait to see what you and Jimmy come up with.

    Don't forget the Cracker Bang with the Bumper First Issue!

  • Xteve Says:

    LOVE Knight & squire, already added it to my pull list. I'm not as familiar with the British DC character stable ... would be freakin' hilarious to see some of the public domain characters pop up in rogue's gallery. Robot Archie, Faceache, etc.

  • Josiah Rowe Says:

    So in the DC Universe, British superheroes meet at the "Pub" on the first Thursday of every month? I never thought I'd see superheroes presented as a metaphor for Doctor Who fans!

  • Craig McKenney Says:

    SO excited by this -- I love Squire!

  • S├ębastien Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Hopefully the series will clear up whether Beryl has some sort of signal analysis super-power.

    Untold millions of Squire fans have been wondering about that ever since her JLA Classified appearance, you know. :-))

  • govikes Says:


    I was hoping for Shining Knight but Knight and Squire looks like fun.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, all. Ben: I'm largely, if not completely, creating a whole bunch of new characters for this, rather than use old ones. Mark: thanks, that's what I aim to do. I'm not sure if we have a release date set yet. Steve: public domain, are you sure? And nope, not them either! Josiah: there are all sorts of parallels, as you'll see. Seb: she clearly does, as shown in her JLA appearances. Cheers!

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Paul: would love to see you do a Green Arrow mini series at some point.

    I've recently read the Denny O'Neil Green Lantern/Green Arrow book, and though hmmmm. Has anyone done a reversal on that where Green Lantern takes Green Arrow out into space and deals with the social issues on some of the alien worlds being watched over by the Green Lantern Corps and AO. Just a thought.

    It's probably been done already, but just a thought.

  • heatherfeather Says:

    Happy Birthday Paul. Enjoy Comic-Con and SD.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I really like Green Arrow, so perhaps one day. And thanks, Heather!

  • DanielW Says:

    there's a blurb online about the series from the October Solicits ... I like the idea of "neutral ground" being a pub, it's like Caritas in Angel or that bar in the Dresden Files.

    It's also a very "British" compromise, what with the toffs and the flat caps rubbing shoulders in the local.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's exactly it, Daniel. Cheers.

  • Legion Lad Says:

    No offence Paul but I hate this concept. It may be tongue in cheek but all it does is pander to British stereotypes.

    Would DC publish an American team with for example: a native american called Geronimo, a blonde haired guy in a civil war era suit called Custer, a 7 foot tall black guy wearing baseball gear or a woman wearing twenties outfits called the Flapper? No these would be considered rediculous and stereotypical. But it is OK for an American publisher to print something equally outrageous just because it is set in the UK.

  • thinker1973 Says:

    I am just glad British characters are getting more coverage in DC just as they are in the Marvel universe. There is a big market for comics in the UK and 'the big two' have realised.

    Stereotypes? - well - yes - but it was a bit like that with Marvel's Alpha Flight and Canada - a sasquatch, an Indian Shaman, some French Canadians etc.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Legion: I can see where you're coming from, actually it was the first thing that crossed my mind. But I think it's actually rather a surface point of view. There's a big difference, I think, when it's British creators doing whimsy deliberately. Americans absolutely do this stuff too, in any number of sweet/satirical narratives of down-home life from Mark Twain onwards, it's just not a style that's prevalent in today's oh so serious comics. The French, for example, adore the types of Asterix. I'd say what we're aiming for here is a very 2000AD voice. You could equally say we're subverting the world of super heroics by introducing references to Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west, instead of, as you'd like us to, earning a badge by conforming. I hope that puts it in some perspective. And thanks, Thinker. I actually think the Canadians haven't done so well out of this stuff. I'd only apply whimsy there if I was Canadian.

  • Lewis P Says:

    Paul!! Amazing job with knight and squire!! I'm a yank who enjoys a bit of British humor. I used to watch red dwarf on my public tv station in my younger years and have recently enjoyed some of the newer BBC 3 shows. Knight and Squire has provided me with a fix for two of my addictions, british comedy and comics, rolled into one. Before this mini, Knight and Squire seemed somewhat two dimensional, you've really fleshed them out and given us characters to identify with and to care about. That bit about Knight being REALLY posh, according to Squire was a genius piece of conversation. I think its small pieces of dialog like this that make characters come to life. Sorry so long winded, but I just wanted to encourage you and hopefully the folks at DC to possibly give this a longer go than 6 issues. Just finished issue 3 and was compelled to write someone to let them know how much i was enjoying this wife doesn't care! Anyway, keep the awesome coming and I'll keep the double exclamations coming, right back at ya!! On behalf of the USA, thanks!! Ha!! Sincerely, Lewis P. Baltimore MD

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, Lewis. That's the kind of reaction I much appreciate. Cheers.

  • Chloe Says:

    Hey, I really love the look of this :D <3 is it the one advertised on as coming out on paperback in July?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Yes, it'll be out on July 5th! Hope you like it.

  • George Says:

    Hello Paul.

    A week or so ago i read the entire Knight and Squire comic series in paperback after buying it from a shop in shrewsberry. Let me tell you, i'm glad you gave the UK it's own set of Metahumans to match up with the USA. ^^ I'd personally love to see in their own comics. prehaps the reboot could offer that posibility but, who knows? :)

    Some of my favs aswell as the titular duo, are Milkman, The Cidermen, Captain Moondust, Salt of the Earth, Captain Cornwall, Professional Scotsman and Birthday Girl.

    Now i ended up loving these characters, even though they often took the back seat to the main characters. However, During Issue 6 and The Joker's rampage, we saw 5 heroes get killed. 1 in issue 5 and 4 more in issue 6. 5 of the heroes i have just brought up earlier never appered again during the climax which i won't spoil, and it made me wonder. Were they offed by Joker? if so, it's a lil sorry to see them go after all the laughs and silver age stylings those heroes gave us. Just a question from a guy who loved the series, almost as much as he's looking forward to seeing Stormwatch's migration from Earth 50 into the main DCU. :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, George. I'd say that if you didn't see them die, then they were still alive, in that timeline. Who knows where they are in the new DCU? Cheers.

  • George Payne. Says:

    Thank you very much for clearing paul. and i'd personaly like to say thanks for liking my friend Diane's picture of milkman( it means allot to us. We also hope you like the backstory we gave him. we felt that he diserved it. Big fans of the comic, both of us. We wanted to give the characters a bit of history and since you guys left it open, that gave us ALLOT of room to experiment. Thanks. ^^

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm always delighted to see fan art based on my stuff. Cheers.

  • Anonymous Says:

    loved the book read it 50 times always something new to spot.
    I was a bit nervous about reading it after reading superman-true brit and seeing how DC potray Britain.
    But it fabulous now I want a sequel ,immediately ,if you please.

    what did you think of the first appearance of springheeled jack in batman inc?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. Cheers.