DC Exclusive!

I've just signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, which means that, over the next two years, I'll be doing a lot of work for them. Indeed, I'm a couple of issues into one title you haven't heard about yet. I couldn't be happier, or feel more welcomed, in my new playground. You can hear about that, and about what's going to be happening in Action Comics, including who some of our guest villains are going to be here. I'm thoroughly chuffed! Cheerio!

27 Response to "DC Exclusive!"

  • Bret M. Herholz Says:

    WOW!! Congratulations Paul!! Now you have done work for two of my favorite things. Doctor Who and DC Comics!! Congrats on your success and well deserved!!

  • Ian Cullen Says:


    Very cool news.

  • faikurogane Says:

    Congrats! But I'm sad to hear that you won't be writing Captain Britain for a while now. You made him your own character. I don't read any Superman comics so I probably won't be following you to DC. But good luck with it all!

  • govikes Says:


    Congratulations! Although I had hoped you would continue somehow or someway with the Black Knight and/or MI13 I knew it wasn't going to happen. Thanks for your Marvel stuff and good luck with DC.

  • Depressive Manic Says:

    What a loss for Marvel. I was afraid that this would happen. Paul should have been involved in the X-Men Vampire storyline. Marvel has given Agents of Atlas chance after chance, but they hardly did anything to promote M11.

    Anyway, I guess that I'll be reading some DC comics.

  • Mart Says:

    This is splendid news, I can't wait to see what you get up to! Congrats.

  • Xteve Says:

    Hi Paul, congratulations on your DC exclusive! Looking forward to reading your run on Action and hopefully much much more!

  • Jim B. Says:

    Excellent news! Looking forward to Action, and now to your other DC work as well. I'd love to see you take a crack at Green Arrow or maybe the Justice Society. Any hints, or is it too soon?

    And though it's been over a year now, I still miss Captain Britain. :( Ah well, the stories you gave us will always be there.

  • Encyclopedia Bruin Says:

    Good for you.

  • Teresa Says:

    Congratulations, Paul! DC made a wise decision. I am a Marvel girl through and through (though I do read Vertigo and WildStorm quite often), and you are the ONLY reason I'll be reading a DC Universe comic on a regular basis. I wish I could send you $3.99 a month directly. :)

  • James Says:

    I'll add my congratulations to the mix! I have to say, though, I am rather put out about all this. I've been trying to leave DC comics for quite some time now, and now I suppose I'll have to stick around.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, all. Dep: hello, I'm right here! (What is it about talking to me in the third person?) And Marvel did their absolute best with Captain Britain, it's not their fault it got cancelled. Ter: it's a good time to be getting into DC. Have you tried Batgirl, The Flash, Birds of Prey? Thanks!

  • The Sword Is Drawn Says:

    Congrats, Paul!

    True, I'm Marvel through and through. But I occasionally dabble with DC. Looks like Action Comics may not be the only DC book I'll be picking.

    I'm intrigued. I look forward to seeing what else you'll be working on.

    And yes, agreeing with other posters. Very much Marvel's loss.

  • Mark Clapham Says:

    Great news.

    Now bring back Wild Dog.

  • Teresa Says:

    I actually did pick up Birds of Prey issue #2, and I'm just intrigued enough to get to issue three and see what's what.

    Haven't read Batgirl or The Flash, though. I might give The Flash a whirl. I'm trying to lay off the Bat Family for a while. :) I've tried reading all sorts of Bat-related stuff, but more often than not I find Batman & Co. kinda boring. But there IS an exception in "The Return of Bruce Wayne." THAT'S been cool, because the story's just so different. It's like The Essence of Batman distilled. Also, Grant Morrison's insane, and I love it. :) (although not enough to continue on w/Batman & Robin)

    I just tend to like Marvel heroes a bit more. I relate to them better for some reason. Still, you'll have me crushing on Lex and rooting for Superman in no time! :) After that, who knows! Congrats again! Very excited to hear about the Super Secret project! Is it new? Or is it working on an existing property? Can you tell us at least THAT much??

  • laura Says:

    Congratulations! But this means that there will be no amazing MI13 stories soon!!! poooopies!

  • D.D. Heal Says:

    Congratulations, Paul, does this mean you get a chance at writing a Hellblazer storyline?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks all. Mark: can I not bring back Wild Dog? Ter: can't drop hints. But *big* Action-related story will start teasing early next month. DD: I'd like to, but not right now.

  • Teresa Says:

    Paul - here is a much more well-behaved piece of writing from me on comics and film. Posting it here because I hope that someday there will be a film version of Captain Britain...or that at least Cap will be included in an Avengers movie. :)


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Hmm. Great stuff.

  • Steven Says:

    hey, we met at the Leeds Thought Bubble last year. Thanks for chating to me, was insightful. Great news on your DC deal. Well done.

    I have a question: is there a place where new writers can get advice not about writing in its creative form but in the legal side? Such as contracts, how to protect yourself and where to go if someone has done something dodgy regarding contracts etc? I have had something happen to me regarding my work but I don't know where to go for advice. Thanks.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Congrats, Paul. My pull list used to favour Marvel over DC by 2:1, but these days the opposite is true. I've just found what DC is doing more to my taste that what Marvel has been producing in recent years.

    - Rob Hansen

  • Carn Says:

    Great news. I'm far more into DC than Marvel so I'm keen to see what you do for them

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Steven: by the sound of it, you should get yourself an agent. If you're at the point where there's a contract involved, it's a good idea to have one, and there's a good chance one will take you on. And thanks, all.

  • Bytowner Says:

    Fair warning: Wild Dog should not be considered disposable. Iowa only has the one DCU superhero since Heat Wave got dragged back into the re-villainized Rogues.

  • DanielW Says:

    Good work Paul!

    But does this mean you can't write for DW on TV or in print anymore (was kind of hoping to see your take on Smith)?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    It's only an exclusive in terms of comics. Thanks for worrying!