Watch Pulse Online Now!

Okay, here we go! Those living in the UK (I assume, if you're outside the UK give it a try and let me know) can now see the entire Pulse pilot episode online at the BBC3 website here.

If you check it out, do make sure to leave a comment and let them know you enjoyed it. That's one of the steps towards us getting a series. Hope you enjoy it. Cheerio!

13 Response to "Watch Pulse Online Now!"

  • paulf Says:

    Yeah, it's not working in Ireland. Looking forward to seeing it next week.

  • Teresa Says:

    I asked you this on Twitter, but I was curious as to how ratings are counted in the UK? Ie: does viewing live count more than watching online or on one's DVR. Or is it all counted with equal weight?

    Because I know that here in the US, live numbers always count more, followed by a 7-day buffer of DVR viewings and online viewing counts last, because advertisers make more money off of live viewers. Might be good to let UK viewers know how best to watch the show in addition to letting the BBC know how they felt about it after the fact. :) Just a thought.

  • S. Says:

    Bah, not working in continental Europe either.

  • word-geek Says:

    Not working for this American either; sorry.

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    It worked okay for me. I have to be a a little persistent though with mouse clicks because it wasn't responding right away. But I got it to go.

  • palimpsest Says:

    Quality stuff, Mr C! Nice things left on the BBC's newfangled (to me at least) comments blog thing.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I think these days, Ter, it all pretty much has equal weight. Pal: thanks for the comment! The pilot won't work outside the UK because it's a BBC website, paid for by the licence fee.

  • Chris Regan Says:

    Really enjoyed it, left a comment!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, that's what we're after!

  • crow Says:

    Not available for NZ either.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Indeed, it's only available in the UK.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I thought it was AWESOME!! please make more, I really want to see another episode :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much!