Hugo Nominations!

I'm tremendously honoured to be able to rush in from a ceremony at Eastercon tonight, and tell you that I've been nominated for two Hugo Awards! One is for Captain Britain and MI-13: Vampire State, in the Graphic Story category. The other is for 'One of Our Bastards is Missing' in Best Novelette. To everyone who nominated me: thank you so much. You really have no idea how much the nominations mean to me. I'm definitely going to be at the awards ceremony at Worldcon in Melbourne in September. Links and more glee from me in the next couple of days! Thank you thank you thank you! Cheerio!

14 Response to "Hugo Nominations!"

  • emmzzi Says:

    Congratulations Paul!

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Well deserved:) Especially for your MI13 books. If it were not for you plugging that in SFX and the work put in there. I would still be blissfully ignorant of Captain Britain and Spitfire, The Black Knight and all those wonderful lower tier characters that Marvel has. Not to mention Wisdom:)

    So Thank You.


  • Garpu Says:


  • Mark Charan Newton Says:

    Very well done indeed, Paul.

    And it was marvellous to see you at Eastercon. I hope all those panels haven't put you in some kind of coma by now.

  • Marjorie Says:

    Congratulations :-)

  • Jeff Says:

    Congratulations on the Hugo nominations. I know you are proud of both, but it is nice to see Captain Britain get some more well deserved recognition for the great work it was. Now I have to read One of Our Bastards is Missing.

  • Nightsky Says:

    So glad to hear you've been nominated! Hope you win!

  • Teresa Says:

    Congratulations! :)

    *does happy Snoopy dance*

  • Furious D Says:

    Congrats on the nominations.

    Now crush your competition & come home victorious!!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, all! I actually got up and danced when the nominations were read out. Good to see you, Mark. And you'll find a link to a free PDF of the story on the top corner of the page!

  • Cheryl M Says:

    Congratulations Paul!

  • Jan, PA9QV Says:


    I will be reading your story quite soon (just started)

    Jan from Denmark

  • aislinn42 Says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved -and great to see some UK works recognized.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks all, hope you like the story, Jan.