The Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes (cover above by Greg Tocchini) is an upcoming four issue miniseries from Marvel, which presents a panorama of the Marvel Universe after the events of The Siege are over. And Leonine Leonard Kirk and I are very happy to be part of it! Because Captain Britain and MI-13 (apart from two members who are... busy doing something else) are involved, in one of two short strips I've written for this anthology. (The other one features the Young Masters from Dark Reign: Young Avengers.) So this is the first of (hopefully) four more appearances coming up for members of the team this year, that I know of. (Mark Waid already surprised me by plonking Brian and Dane in Strange.) I'm especially pleased that the other three writers on the title are Corking Kurt Busiek, Delectable Dan Slott and Rollicking Rick Remender.

I can be found talking about all this at Marvel News, IGN and Newsarama.

It's so good to see the gang on a comic book cover again! (Don't know the artist, will find out.) Until next time, Excelsi... I mean, Cheerio!

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  • Daniel Says:

    This artist seems like one of the recent 'Gauntlet' artists for The Amazing Spiderman - although I could be wrong and can't actually think of a name of the top of my head.

    This looks great, though - nice to see members of MI-13 again!

  • muccamukk Says:

    I did a literal dance of glee when I read about this over on It's going to be nice to see the old gang again, partying, with Steve Rogers.

    Also: OMG! YAY!

    I'm looking forward to this (and other stories in that series immensely).

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I should have news on that subject later today, Daniel. (I'm particularly sensitive to this because of Lou Anders and others blogging lately about writers who promote cover art while failing to mention the artists.) And yes, I feel the same way, Mucca!

  • Dave Wallace Says:

    More Cornell-penned Captain Britain & MI-13? Excellent.

  • max Says:


  • ian friend Says:

    YAY!!!! Made my day. I hope the other MI13 apearances come to fruition.

  • Ian Cullen Says:


    We've been doing a little coverage of Age Of Heroes on and off amid all the TV and Movie stuff at

    It's something I'm a little curious about, and I should imagine Nick Yanes our comics reviewer may jump on it at some stage because he loves most of the Marvel stuff and is a member of the MI13 should never have been canceled school of thought. Well we all our. Even Wayne and he's one of those DC Geoff Johns infatuated petrol heads heheh.

    Either way. It's brilliant that we'll get to see some of the MI13 folks in another title.

    I think we should start a campaign to get mini series for Faiza and Spitfire.

    Anyhow. Lunch is over now. Must dash.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Can you tell us what and when rthe other appreances from the team will be. Did not know Brian and Dane appeared in Strange, will be buying that now!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Ian 1: two of them definitely will, and ta. Ian 2: thanks for the coverage. Anon: I can't tell you, I'm afraid, as yet. The Strange appearance is just one panel, but since it's Mark Waid, the series is well worth it.

  • Brian Knippenberg Says:

    Received confirmation from Jeff Suter @ Marvel that the cover artist for Age of Heroes #1 is indeed Greg Tocchini (The Last Days of American Crime).

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, I've edited to credit him.

  • Teresa Says:

    I'm very much looking forward to this, as I started reading Marvel comics in 2004-05, just before Civil War. So the only Universe I've ever KNOWN has been one of anti-heroes and doubt and shady motives. What is "getting back to" for you lot is a first for me. Very excited!

    Paul - I love that your answer to the Schrödinger's Cat paradox is "licking its balls." Please, sir. Can you teach me MORE science?! :)

    Lastly, I would love to see the Young Masters interact with The Runaways. Any chance of that? Have you, or anyone else, thought about that as a possibility? Cause the Runaways have already done stuff w/Young Avengers...but the Young Masters are more their speed, I think.

  • govikes Says:

    Finally, MI:13! Way to go, Paul.

    I hope Dane is not the "defector" though.

  • Jeff Says:

    This is good news to all of the Captain Britain and MI13 fans out there who loved the title. Can't wait to see it and the other appearance you mentioned. Congratulations and Captain Britain Forever!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    T: that's interesting. I don't think it'll be quite 'getting back to' because time has moved on. And I'd love to write Runaways/Young Masters, so I must suggest that. Gov: ta, and wait and see. Jeff: ta, and that sounds like a title!

  • DanielW Says:

    Brian and Dane are in the Doctor Voodoo series as well (I think so's Blade).

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I didn't mention it, because I gather they're illusions, dreams summoned by Nightmare. Am I wrong?

  • DanielW Says:

    I've only browsed the issues in store (waiting for trades) but I got the impression that they're real, but mind controlled by Nightmare.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Ah, right, noted!