I'm Not Going to New York...

It's complicated. Half of it is being too busy to go anywhere right now, and half of it is... well, with a week to go before the event, I'd rather started to wonder if the Big Apple Comic Con was actually going to get me there. The guy who originally invited me was made redundant the day after he did so. Which doesn't fill one with confidence. But, sure enough, his boss was kind enough to honour the commitment. And there was some communication on that score. However, by the start of this week, I'd noticed that days were ticking by without any actual arrangements being made. So I finally said that if they'd already bought the air ticket, then of course I'd come, because I didn't want them to lose out financially because of me, but if they hadn't, then not to worry about it. Which resulted in... absolute silence. So when I say I'm not going to New York... well, that's my best guess as we speak.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of things to tell you about. First up, I'm part of a debate at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich, on the evening of Friday 23rd October. It's called Space: From Infinite Dreams to Recurring Nightmares, and is about where SF and the space programme are going, and if they're going there together. I'm the SF writer on a panel of science and journalism folk. You can find all the details here. The RGO has been a place of great romance for me ever since a random encounter, at an impressionable age, with TV astronomer Heather Couper led me to pursue, well, as it turned out, mostly Heather Couper, in a kind of distant, gawping way. But my failed science career and first crush, and the connection between the two, need not concern us here. I hope I won't be too lost in awe of lovely Greenwich to do my bit on the panel.

Next up, the chaps from the Geek Syndicate podcast have put up the Seventy Years of Marvel panel they did at the British International Comics Show with me, Andy Diggle, Mark Farmer and Alan Davis. They do their usual splendid job of presenting. You can find us all boggling at the size of the crowd and having our covers appear as a slide show here.

When I was at FenCon (and could I just mention, yet again, for no particular reason, how gloriously well-organised the guest liaison side of that show was?), fellow guest Keith R.A. DeCandido interviewed me about Doctor Who and comics for the Chronic Rift podcast. You can find that one here.

I ought to say something here, though he merits much more than a passing mention, about how sad I was to hear of the passing away of former Doctor Who producer, and stalwart of British television, Barry Letts. I met him on several occasions, and he was always lovely, on the last occasion, as I mentioned in a previous blog, particularly so. He was kind, calm, and honest, and he always gave one the feeling that here was someone who'd been creative in many different ways over his long career. His religious beliefs were very much part of the ethical mix of Doctor Who, a positive influence on the childhood of myself and I'm sure many others. I think fan performer Will Howells puts it better than I could in this sweet tribute:

This weekend, if I'm, you know, in the UK, I hope to blog about the various different SF shows on television at the moment. Mainly because I'm suddenly in love with Stargate: Universe, in the most surprising way. It may well encourage me to pursue a career in science... no, no, on second thoughts, I've seen where that path takes me. Until then, Cheerio.

6 Response to "I'm Not Going to New York..."

  • Garpu Says:

    Blargh, I'm sorry about the NY adventure. And I swear people are conspiring to get me to watch Stargate.

  • Jay Says:

    In regards to Stargate:Universe I was very pleasently suprised by not only how good it was but how much I actually enjoyed it - it was different in style to the other two series but kept 'something' intact so that the change wasn't completely jarring.

    Looking forward to keeping up with it now; and my Sky+ is FILLED with sci-fi/fantasy now: Stargate, Sarah Jane - which started again yesterday - Warehouse 13, Fringe, Flash Forward, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin (the last two being guilty pleasures ;) ) and some more to boot.

    I need to borrow the TARDIS to have more time to watch that stuff while still mainaining an actual life (before my wife divorces me GRIN) ... could you put a word in for me? ;o)

  • heatherfeather Says:
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  • heatherfeather Says:

    Sorry to hear you won't be going to NYC but at least you'll miss the damp and chilly weather we're having at the moment.

    The Greenwich Observatory is one of my favorite places in London for a day. Did you ever see the movie or read the book called "Longitude"?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Jay, I was wondering what Stargate fans in general made of it. I'd heard a couple of negatives from them. I haven't, actually, Heather. Hope your weather perks up. It's been lovely here in the afternoons. Well, as lovely as anything that's not Summer can be.