Assign a Stan Lee Nickname

Okay, here's fun. Hopefully. It struck me while I was tossing and turning last night that modern comics writers and artists have been largely deprived of nicknames, as perfected by Stan 'The Man' Lee. He decreed that the professionals who worked for him would be known as Merry Gerry Conway, Gentleman Gene Colan (or Gene 'the Dean' Colan), Sturdy Steve Ditko, Rascally Roy Thomas and so on. He was the first to call Jack 'King' Kirby. And this whole business is yet another reason why Stan was such a founding genius of all we love. Now, I was saying the other day that it's one of the disappointments of my life to have arrived at Marvel too late to get such a nickname. But then it struck me, True Believers: others don't have to suffer thus! So what we're going to do is this: plonk your ideas for Stan Lee nicknames for modern comics professionals (or for writers outside the field, even) in the Comments to this blog. Or send me them by Twitter. A nickname should hopefully not only match Stan's ear for assonance and zing, it should say something true about the individual assigned it. I'll give it a week or so, then print the best of them, with the names of who sent them in. And I'll make sure to keep using the best ones for the individuals in question from then on. Who knows, one or two might catch on! I have one caveat. This isn't the place for your satire. Only positive nicknames will be printed, no abuse allowed. Stan wouldn't have dreamed of doing that, and neither will we. Until then, hang loose! Excelsior!

41 Response to "Assign a Stan Lee Nickname"

  • Keith W. Cunningham Says:

    Powerful Paul Cornell

  • Rich Johnston Says:

    "Foreign" Warren Ellis

    "The Real" Neil Gaiman

    Alan "Mavis" Davis

    Paul "The Carrot" Cornell

    Joe "King" Quesada

    Dan "The Plan" DiDio


    Dan "Diddy" Didio

    Judd "The Stud" Winick

    Gail "Cyborg" Simone

    Eric "The Brick" Larson

    Robert "Lurkin'" Kirkman

    Mark "Filler" Millar

    Grant "More Reasons To Shop At" Morrison


  • Mark Says:

    Rich "The Bitch" Johnston!

  • Neill Says:

    "Twitterin'" Tony Lee

  • That Neil Guy Says:

    "Apostle" Paul Cornell

  • Mark Says:

    Also: Warren "Peace" Ellis, surely?

  • Mark P Says:

    "On the" Mark Millar
    "Battling" Brian Bendis
    "Buffed" Brian K Vaughan

  • Seb Patrick Says:

    "Action" Matt Fraction

    Sneerin' Kieron Gillen

  • Desktop Hippie Says:

    Matt "Action" Fraction

    Ed "The Rue Maker" Brubaker

    Warren "The Menace" Ellis

  • Desktop Hippie Says:

    Joss "Keep 'em Bleedin'" Whedon

  • invincor Says:

    Paul "the Cloister Bell" Cornell

  • Matt Ampersand Says:

    Oh man, Action Fraction is totally awesome. Sounds like an action figure from the 80's.

  • John Toon Says:

    How has no one dared to do Alan "More, More!" Moore yet?

    Or possibly Alan "Everything You Want From A Store And A Little Bit" Moore. Look ma, no satire!

  • Mr. Farrell Says:

    Daniel "Show Me The" Way (also works for Gerard.

    Garth "The Menace" Ennis.

    Mike "The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla" Mingola.

  • Mark P Says:

    Action Fraction has to be a definite.

  • burntcopper Says:

    I'm rather liking Grant 'more reasons to shop at' Morrison.

    Matt 'mathematical' Fraction
    Ed 'Chandler' Brubaker

    Though one of the writers listed already has a nickname :

    Warren 'internet Jesus' Ellis. (he's also called Stalin on his sunnier days)

  • govikes Says:

    Paul "Captain" Cornell
    Paul "The Doc" Cornell

    Michael "The Skrull" Bendis

    Leonard "Tiberius" Kirk
    Leonard "The Face" Kirk

  • pbristow Says:

    "Matt 'mathematical' Fraction"

    Or possibly: Matt "Thematical" Fraction? =:o}

  • Mark Hall Says:

    Paul "The Upsetantor" Cornell.
    Cause You Cause the Best kind of Heartache in your Writing.

  • John Toon Says:

    How about Bill "Ready" Willingham "Able"? Are double nicknames allowed?

  • Desktop Hippie Says:

    Ed "Cap is Dead!" Brubaker

  • Neal Says:

    "Genuine" Jeff Parker

    Rick "The Pick" Remender

    "Pope" Paul Cornell

    "The Great" Greg Pak

    "Friendly" Fred Van Lente

    Jonathan "The Genius" Hickman

  • The Irredeemable Shag Says:

    "Genius" Geoff Johns
    Tom "Da Bomb" Defalco
    "Bombastic" Brian Reed
    Dan "The Man" Slott
    "Rigorous" Rick Remender
    "Precocious" Paul Cornell
    Paul "The Wall" Cornell

    Matt "Action" Fraction is inspired. So is "Battling" Brian Bendis.

    The Irredeemable Shag

  • Michael Hoskin Says:

    Paul "Ezra" Cornell.

  • Narciso Lobo, Jr Says:

    Jolly Paul Cornell

    Tremendous Brian Bendis
    Death Defyin' Brian Bendis

    Mark "The Shark" Millar

    Ed "The Head" Brubaker
    Honorable Ed Brubaker

    Hair-Raisin' Jason Aaron

    Quick Thinkin' Jonathan Hickman

    Dan "The Man" Slott

    Shreddin Fred Van Lente

  • Mark Says:

    Paul "The" Pope.

    Keith "I get no kick from" Champagne.

  • Chris Says:

    "Bowling" Paul Cornell

    "Line em up" Leonard Kirk

  • Desktop Hippie Says:

    Brian "Round The" Bendis
    Brian "The" Bendis "Nigh"

    "Runaway" Brian K Vaughan
    Brian "O" K Vaughan
    Brian "K: The Last Man" Vaughan

    Joss "The Boss" Whedon
    Joss "Gathers No Moss" Whedon
    Joss "Here Comes The Loss" Whedon
    Joss "The Man We're Needin'" Whedon
    Joss "The Heathen" Whedon

  • Desktop Hippie Says:

    Keith "The Chief" Griffen
    John "The Dodger" Rogers

    I really need to stop now.

  • Beadle Says:

    "Cornball" Paul Cornell (it's a term of endearment, honestly!)

    Mark "The Wind" Millar
    "Grievous" Kevin Grievioux
    Brian "Round the" Bendis
    JM "The Unspellable" Straczynski
    Ed "The Head" Brubaker
    "The Slott Machine" Dan Slott
    Greg "Power" Pak
    David "The Bull" Finch
    "Worrying" Warren Ellis
    "The Spaceman" Dan Abnett & Andy "Lunar" Lanning
    Craig "Killer" Kyle & Chris "Count the Cost" Yost
    Peter "Silly Billy" Milligan
    Geoff "Gentlemen's" Johns
    "Student" Grant Morrison
    "How Many Pounds" Mark Waid
    Gail "Force 10" Simone
    "Komedy" Keith Giffen
    JM "De Man" DeMatteis
    Kurt "The Bus Conductor" Busiek
    "Racin'" Jason Aaron
    Brian "O"K Vaughan

  • Jack Says:

    Alan "The Beard" Moore

  • Martin S Smith Says:

    Zeb "The Web" Wells
    "Magniloquent" Mark Millar
    um... man I'm rubbish at this.

  • Todd Says:

    Jonathan "Hitman" Hickman

    Paul "K.O." Cornell

    "Wee" Mark Millar

  • govikes Says:

    Frank "potty mouth" Tieri

  • Jason Says:

    Perspicacious Paul Cornell, of course!

  • Darin Says:

    Jason "Caring" Aaron

    "Manly" Dan DiDio

    Dan "Jackpot" Slott

    "Magnificent" Mark Millar

    Frank "the Tank" Miller

    "Bubbly" Brian Bendis

    Gail "Never Fail" Simone

    Joe "The Plumber" Quesada

  • Beadle Says:

    Since you also suggested we look at writers from outside the medium, one of your Sci-Fi colleagues....

    Iain "The Occasional M" Banks

  • Niall Says:

    Aragh, come on! You work for Marvel and you're asking us to give you a Stan Lee nickname? Get one from the man himself and don't settle for poor imitations!

    If ever there was a perk to be had from writing for Marvel, that would be it.

  • Bill Reed Says:

    Paul "Ear of" Cornell. No? How about "The Cob"?

    Okay, I got nothin'.

  • Beadle Says:

    Pernickety Peter David
    or Peter "The House of" David

    Jumpin' Jephosephat Loeb
    Multiplying Matt Fraction
    Musclebound Mike Deodato
    Limitless Leonard Kirk
    Dangblasted Jesse Delperdang

    Bubblicious Bryan Hitch
    or Bryan "Fever Pitch" Hitch

    Roberto "The Concerto" Aguirre Sacasa

    Jay "Walker" Leisten

    Dale "Eagle-Eye" Eaglesham
    or Eager Dale Eaglesham
    or "Yorkshire" Dale Eaglesham

    Amanda "Huggenkiss" Conner

    Damn this is fun.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    You keep going with good ones, Beadle, but we're done!