Fantastic Four Day

Today in the USA, tomorrow in the UK, is the day the first issue of my miniseries, Fantastic FourTrue Story, is out from Marvel Comics. I'm very proud of it, it's the story of how Marvel's first family heads into the universe of fiction to save humanity, and runs into, well, initially, characters from Jane Austen, with chaotic results. ('Reader, I clobbered him.')

So here's the first (very kind) review. I wouldn't normally link to reviews, but it also features the first seven pages of lovely Horacio Domingues artwork, including that page I teased you with before Christmas:

Here's an interview about the project, with a nice close up look on the first two covers by the very talented Nico Henrichon:

And here's an interview that covers both that and
Captain Britain, with four pages of brilliant Leonard Kirk preview art from issue four of that title:

And lest you think this is all self-promotion, I'd like to extend my congratulations to my friend, and fellow SF novelist, Chris Roberson, who's got a great gig, writing a spinoff series (
Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love), from my favourite comic at the moment, Fables. Go for it, Chris, I hope you enjoy working in comics as much as I do.

I'm aiming to blog at least once more before Worldcon. Until then, Cheerio.

New Gigs, Old Gigs, Terrance and Cap

Goodness, I’m tired. Really looking forward to Denver, and that Worldcon atmosphere that I find tremendously inspiring and rejuvenating. I’m already in touch with various people I’m on panels with. That’s always a good feeling. And then a week of touring Colorado, walking a lot, climbing things, going down rivers. Just what I need, I think. I’m currently in negotiations to make sure I have to do no... well, okay, very little... work while I’m out there. This is proving a bit difficult! I also rather wish I was in San Diego right now. Perhaps next year. I should book a hotel room now, right?

Anyhow, various things I have to tell you lot about. First off, my apologies, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not going to make it to MeCon in Belfast this year. I enjoyed last time, and I hope I can get over there again next time. I have added to my calendar this event, however:

... on 18th October. It’s a Doctor Who and comics event at the Manchester Literature Festival, there’s lots of guests from both fields coming, and it’s held in a pub, so the best of all worlds, really.

I was very pleased to be at the British Science Fiction Association meeting in June where the great Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks was interviewed by Tim Phipps. It was a splendid night, with a packed audience, and I think it’s Terrance’s best career-spanning interview, recorded here in two parts by Alex Fitch for his Reality Check podcast:

I myself have a new interview up here, covering comics and TV, with the lovely people from Noise to Signal:

And the Podshock boys have now put up the audio from our live podcast on stage at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. The audio quality’s not the best, as they acknowledge, but I think it’s easily listenable:

And finally, here’s our latest lovely Captain Britain cover image by Bryan Hitch. It’s Cap vs. the Mindless Ones. I love it!

Anyway, I hope to blog again before I’m off. And I haven’t forgotten the ‘100 great things about Russell’s Who’ blog, but hey... tired! So until next time, Cheerio!

And Issue Three!

Captain Britain and MI-13 issue three has now sold out as well, just like the first two, and so we have a second printing, with the last page as our new front cover. That makes seven covers over three issues! They had some issues in Forbidden Planet on Monday, mind you, so it looks like comic shops have upped their orders. Phew. It's getting so we'll be disappointed when we don't sell out! Cheerio.

Captain Britain and MI-13 Issue Three

... is out today in the States, tomorrow in the UK (having been pushed back a day by the Fourth of July celebrations). And this shall be, as always, the letters page.

Here are the first six pages:

And here's me talking about the arrival of Blade, who joins the team in issue five:

Hope you enjoy it. And, given the speed with which the last two issues sold out, if I may be so bold, it might be an idea to get to the comic shop early. Cheerio!

Picacio Cover for Fast Forward 2

Here's a thing of beauty: the great John Picacio's cover for Fast Forward 2, the anthology I have a short story in, coming in October from Pyr Books:

John talks about the process of creating the cover on his blog:

I'm always pleased to work with such great people. Until next time, Cheerio.

Podcast Interview and Who Word Clouds

I've just been interviewed by those talented podcast guys at I, Fanboy, about Captain Britain, FF: True Story and just about everything else:

And courtesy of Steve Berry, here's a wonderful use for those tag clouds of prose that have been doing the rounds. Here's a swarm of them made from the subtitle dialogue of every new Doctor Who story. The more the word is used in the story, the bigger it appears in the diagram. Some interesting things leap out:

Until next time, Cheerio.

And again!

Marvel have just announced a second sell out, and therefore, third printing of the first issue of Captain Britain and MI-13!

I hope soon everyone will have one. Wa-hey!