Constellations, Comic Shop Openings and Stuff

Just popping in quickly to mention a few things that need urgently mentioning. I’m aware that my blog at the moment is really just a combination of promotion and social calendar, and I promise I’ll get to some more writerly writing soon. Notably a piece about New York. It’s just that life is busy at the moment and thinks keep popping up. I’m also aware that the blog design could do with a bit of modernisation. I will get there, it’s just that I’m so busy writing things. Here are the things I have to mention:

Notably, and most wonderfully, I’m nominated, alongside Moffat, in the Constellation Awards, Canada’s fan awards for excellence in science fiction television and film, in the category of Best Script. All Canadian citizens can vote, or those attending the Polaris conventions. Hmm, I know quite a few Canadians…

At 11.30am this Saturday, the 3rd May, I’ll be popping in for Free Comic Book Day to officially open Cheltenham’s new comic shop, Proud Lion:

Comic Book Resources have put up six lovely full colour pages of art from the first issue of Captain Britain and MI-13, available May 14/May 15 in your local comic shop, depending on if you’re in the US or UK:

And here's a new interview about the series at Newsarama:

On Sunday, I’ll be on one of the teams, probably the Third Row Fandom team (unless I get a better offer), who won last time (I love it how SFX coming second is mentioned below!), at the Sci-Fi London Pub Quiz:

And I’m looking forward to one of the pivots around which my year turns, the Clarke Awards, tomorrow night, at which I always see so many friends. So I may see some of you on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. Until then, Cheerio!

Vision Day

I’m back from New York, and still not fully recovered from one of the most satisfying weekends of my professional life. Much Marvel goodness, including meeting my lovely editors, partying, and Passover with Peter David. But more on that at length when I have time to write a proper piece. Today (in the States) or tomorrow (in the UK) I have something new on the racks, my issue of Young Avengers Presents, featuring The Vision. Here’s a quick new interview about it…


with lots of lovely Mark Brooks art pages. If you’re inclined to pop in to your local comic shop, do give it a try.

Today I did an interview for BBC Radio Wales’ All Things Considered, which I gather will be going out soon. I shall of course let you know when.

Here’s the Amazon page for Fast Forward 2, the upcoming SF anthology from Pyr Books that I’m proud to have a short story in. I’m told to emphasise that this isn’t the final cover by John Picacio, but a work in progress. However, I feel bound to say that I think it’s lovely as it is.

Fast Forward

And here’s a variant cover of the first issue of Captain Britain and MI-13. I’m pleased just to have a second cover that’s going to be on a batch of the issues, and it’s doubly pleasing that it’s so lovely:


My travels aren’t over yet, I’m off to record some Doctor Who DVD extras tomorrow. I hope that at some point I’ll get to lie on a sofa somewhere. Or possibly type at my desk rather than on a train, because the novel is getting along, and I’d like to know how it looks when it’s keeping still. Until I see you next, hopefully with a large chunk of travel writing, Cheerio!

Rennes, New York and... Everything!

Right, far too much to do, too little time. Hello on the most wonderful day of the year: the start of the English cricket season! And I’ve done two thousand good words of novel this morning, and am full of the joys. Got back from Rennes in Brittany the day before yesterday, off to New York for the Comic Convention, and many nice meetings and social appointments, tomorrow. Highlights of Rennes: the architecture; the Arthurian theme running throughout; the many local comic shops, stocking the albums like they were, you know, normal, and advertising the new bestsellers with full size display ads at the railway station; the ‘salon du manga’ that just happened to be going on next to our hotel, and my usual adventure into any city’s modern art world, this time involving an encounter with a Guinea Fowl called ‘Presence’ and an adapted bicycle. But enough about that.

I have saved up many, many things of which to tell you. First off, those of you who are going to be in Denver for Worldcon, or who would like to buy a supporting membership (you can find out how for yourselves, I’m not willing to be that shallow… as yet) can now vote in the Hugo Awards:

In which I’m competing in the Short Form Drama category, for the Doctor Who episodes ‘Human Nature’ and… I’m not actually telling anyone this for the first time, am I? Sorry.

All of you, mind you, can vote in the Eagle Awards:

I’m not represented here, but my mates Matt Brooker, (for inker and colourist), Richard Starkings (for letterer), Tom Brevoort (my editor on FF at Marvel) and David Bishop (who wrote Thrill Power Overload, the history of 2000AD that’s nominated for Best Comic-Related Book), are. And the chaps from Sancho in Ireland would love some votes for Favourite European Comic. The Eagles are currently mired in the latest of their many controversies and problems, this time about the administrators deciding, during an open nominations process, that one chap (Tony Lee) who was popular enough to say ‘vote for me’ and get lots of people thus doing so was ballot stuffing. I say there’s a world of difference between him doing that and actually making up votes, and if you run an open nominations process, you should accept what the public give you. Thank goodness I’m not directly involved. But I may well be there at the back on the night. Shouting abuse. As always.

And you could vote for my boss at Marvel, the lovely Joe Quesada, here:

As Most Inspiring American Latino. Go on!

My friends at the BBC Archive draw my attention to this:

The latest in their gorgeous line-up of themed collections of broadcast material, this one putting together a vastly valuable and interesting resource of virtually everything the BBC has concerning the Titanic disaster. Do pop along and add to their page hits, won’t you?

Here’s a new interview about Captain Britain and MI-13, with some more lovely Leonard Kirk art from the first issue:

And here’s the gorgeous Bryan Hitch cover for issue three:

And the solicitation for the first issue of Fantastic Four: True Story is also now up, the copy being written in a pretty mad way (which I have to keep going now for the next three issues) by yours truly:

Which means it’ll be in your comic shops in July.

Finally, and most importantly, please may I urge you to pop along here:

And donate something to ‘Match it for Pratchett’, the campaign that sees the rest of us trying to put as much into the fight against Alzheimer’s as Terry Pratchett is. This is a cause which I think speaks to every writer. Go on, you owe him for some of those books, right?

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends in New York, to staying late in some convention bars, to getting to see some cool stuff and to finally meeting work colleagues. I do intend, at some point, to be at the I, Fanboy party:

So if I don’t see you on the convention floor, I hope to see you there. Until then, Cheerio!

Fantastic Four: True Story

I'm very pleased to be able to announce that I'm the writer on a four part Fantastic Four miniseries, True Story, starting this July from Marvel Comics.

You may remember that mysterious page of comic artwork I put on the blog during The Twelve Blogs of Christmas. Well, that was from this project, which sees the FF entering the world of fiction and meeting classic literary characters. I'm very excited about this project, I've been itching to be able to talk about it, and now I can!

There's an interview about it, with a few pages of lovely Horacio Dominguez art here:


And there's another bit of art here, on the page of my editor, the mighty Tom:

Colour Art

Do check it out. Cheerio!

Next Year in Dublin

I'm honoured to announce that I'm going to the Guest of Honour at one of my favourite conventions, the Phoenix Convention in Dublin, in 2009:

It's the first time I've been GoH anywhere, and it's doubly splendid that it's this lot, even if it does mean that I'll have the mickey taken out of me the whole weekend. They tell me that the GoH buys the drinks. At any rate, it's lovely news, and thanks, chaps.