Picocon and Hey, I'm doing Banks for Radio 4!

Okay, so I'm going to do a real convention report about Gallifrey, but a few urgent things have come up, namely that I'm going to a convention again on Saturday, and really should mention it before it happens. This one is Picocon:


At Imperial College in London. I'm guesting alongside (authors) Cory Doctorow and Liz Williams, and I'm really looking forward to it. Do pop along and say hello.

Now, here's one of those bits of big news that I haven't been able to talk about yet, but today I can. I've been commissioned to adapt Iain M. Banks' novella 'The State of the Art', from the collection of the same name, into a play for broadcast on BBC Radio 4 later this year. My producer is the wonderful Nadia Molinari, and we're looking to keep all the SF goodness of the original. I'm enjoying how serious and thoughtful the brief is. The story is about Banks' spaceborne utopian civilisation, the Culture, encountering Earth. Some interesting casting of a Ship voice ahead, I should think, and who should be Diziet Sma? I'm anticipating the process hugely.

Our own Mark Roberts is responsible for this lovely new Captain Britain and MI-13 icon. Please send it rattling around the net. More icons always welcome!

As the ever-vigilant awards expert Cheryl Morgan pointed out recently in this blog's comment section, the Eagle Awards, the central British comic awards, are now open for online nominations. I'd only be up for Wisdom in the Favourite Reprint Compilation category (as a write in the box award), but you may see fit to honour my highly tolerant Marvel editors: Nick Lowe; Tom Breevort and Molly Lazer, or the upcoming artist on Cap, Leonard Kirk...


And speaking of Leonard, he has a blog, with lots of sample art, so you can anticipate greatness along with me:


And so does James Moran, the writer of the Torchwood episode 'Sleeper', the Brit horror film Severance, and a Doctor Who in the new season. Having met him at Gallifrey, he's one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of having a pint with. And is, judging by his work, a bit good too:


Phew, I think that's everything. Convention report soon! Everything soon! More work continually! More I tell you! Wa-hey! And Cheerio!

Captain Britain and MI-13

Back from the Gallifrey convention, jetlagged to pieces, all lovely, more on that story later. But... hey! It's been announced!


The launch of my new ongoing title from Marvel Comics:
Captain Britain and MI-13. I've been lying about it still being called Excalibur. Sorry.

I am utterly psyched to be working with artist Leonard Kirk, and to be handling these characters. Brilliant! There'll be six more pieces out there on the net in the next few days, a profile interview about each of our lead characters.

Can I go to bed now? Cheerio!

Primeval, Gallifrey and Other Business

Two good things are happening at once this weekend. First off, I’m pleased to say that the penultimate episode of Primeval, written by your truly, will be showing on ITV1 on Saturday evening. It’s got a Columbian Mammoth on a motorway, and that’s just the starting point for a lot of twists and turns concerning the series’ ongoing plot threads this year, all leading into Adrian Hodges’ action-packed season conclusion next week. Do give it a glance.

But while that’s on, we’re going to be in Los Angeles for the Gallifrey One convention. Galley is always a high point of the year, a time when British writers can relax in unaccustomed levels of sunshine and get to see each other socially, as well as appearing on too many panels and meeting loads of Doctor Who fans. And this year it seems it will be loads, with early take-up far higher than in previous years. At the end of the 2007 event, I found myself so thoroughly socialised that I was unable to talk any more. I can’t speak for my fellow writers, but personally I’m there to hang out with folk: if I’m in a convention bar I’m at work and happy to talk with all comers, so don’t be shy, come on over. And do say you read the blog! (We’ve got a couple of nice dinners with local professionals lined up this time too, so all in all… phew, that’ll be nice.)

So I’m trying to clear my workload ready for a few welcome days off. In the meantime, I’ve just done a quick interview with Joe Gordon, over at the Forbidden Planet blog, about current projects…


And, for those of you of a writerly inclination, I’ve just had an interview put up at the BBC Writer’s Room site, where I go on about the craft a bit…


And I have my panel schedule for Orbital, this year’s Eastercon, near Heathrow:

The Hovercraft of Disbelief . Friday 14:00.
The Doctor - Saviour or Trickster God? Saturday 12:00.
Comics as Collaboration. Sunday 20:00
Martha Jones - Most heroic companion of them all? Sunday 23:00
Sex and the Singularity. Monday 12:00

Since I am carefully pacing my forty days of not consuming alcohol for Lent this year, my views on Martha, who I adore anyway, may, at 11pm, be somewhat forthright. No, I can’t remember what the hovercraft of disbelief is. And my opinions on ‘the singularity’ I managed to sum up in Yokohama in one very terse word. Hopefully I may be able to string that out into at least a sentence this time.

Anyhow, I hope to see quite a few of you quite shortly, so until then, Cheerio!

Pete Wisdom would like to thank...

I’m very proud to say that the excellent website Comics Nexus has voted my Marvel Comics series Wisdom as the runner-up, in the category of Best Limited Series, in their yearly awards. Entertainingly, these guys run a full awards ceremony, where creators and characters show up to accept the statuettes. So Pete Wisdom and I went along.


Although I do wonder whether I should have left him at home… Cheerio!