New Gigs, Old Gigs, Terrance and Cap

Goodness, I’m tired. Really looking forward to Denver, and that Worldcon atmosphere that I find tremendously inspiring and rejuvenating. I’m already in touch with various people I’m on panels with. That’s always a good feeling. And then a week of touring Colorado, walking a lot, climbing things, going down rivers. Just what I need, I think. I’m currently in negotiations to make sure I have to do no... well, okay, very little... work while I’m out there. This is proving a bit difficult! I also rather wish I was in San Diego right now. Perhaps next year. I should book a hotel room now, right?

Anyhow, various things I have to tell you lot about. First off, my apologies, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not going to make it to MeCon in Belfast this year. I enjoyed last time, and I hope I can get over there again next time. I have added to my calendar this event, however:

... on 18th October. It’s a Doctor Who and comics event at the Manchester Literature Festival, there’s lots of guests from both fields coming, and it’s held in a pub, so the best of all worlds, really.

I was very pleased to be at the British Science Fiction Association meeting in June where the great Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks was interviewed by Tim Phipps. It was a splendid night, with a packed audience, and I think it’s Terrance’s best career-spanning interview, recorded here in two parts by Alex Fitch for his Reality Check podcast:

I myself have a new interview up here, covering comics and TV, with the lovely people from Noise to Signal:

And the Podshock boys have now put up the audio from our live podcast on stage at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. The audio quality’s not the best, as they acknowledge, but I think it’s easily listenable:

And finally, here’s our latest lovely Captain Britain cover image by Bryan Hitch. It’s Cap vs. the Mindless Ones. I love it!

Anyway, I hope to blog again before I’m off. And I haven’t forgotten the ‘100 great things about Russell’s Who’ blog, but hey... tired! So until next time, Cheerio!

11 Response to "New Gigs, Old Gigs, Terrance and Cap"

  • PJ Holden Says:

    No Mecon? That's a shame, I could have shared my further adventures in parenthood - now that I have a second son...

    - pj

  • Furious D Says:

    Have a great time in Denver, good luck, and get some rest.

  • odessasteps Says:

    Hopefully, CB is selling so well by next year, Marvel will fly you over to be a special guest in SD.

    Have you had a chance to read the CB history article that's in the new BACK ISSUE magazine?

  • SK Says:

    Now that the last issue has been released, I was wondering if you had any thoughts (suitable for this non-letterspage, good old fashioned back to the old days column) on the Ennis Dan Dare?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, all. I'm sorry we won't see you there, PJ, and congratulations on the new one! I had no idea about that article, Od, I must go and get that. And I loved the Ennis Dan Dare with a great passion. It's been one of my favourite comics this year.

  • SK Says:

    Oh. I see.

    How's about them Dodgers?

  • govikes Says:

    Here is a link to Paul's interview on about issue#4 and FF:True Story:


    Is the Black Knight in issue 4?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I know nothing of those Dodgers of which you speak. About to blog that link, and wait and see! Cheers.

  • Adam Says:

    Just to let everyone know that tickets for the Manchester event have gone on sale...

  • Stephen Graves Says:

    Ooh, lovely interview. Any chance we could have a look at that Shalka "series bible" document? Sounds like it'd be a fascinating read...

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, but no! That would still be treading on BBC toes.