Hugo Award Nomination!

I've literally just run back to my hotel room from the registration queue at Eastercon to tell you: I'm honoured to say this year's Hugo Award nominees have just been announced, and 'Human Nature' is on the ballot!

Nomination List

It's also a pleasure to see so many friends nominated. Thank you so much all who nominated me, I do appreciate it, the Hugo is the award I've been dreaming about since I was eight years old. More on all this later! Off to leap about whooping now! Cheerio!

41 Response to "Hugo Award Nomination!"

  • Emma McAllister Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You absolutely deserve to win, HN/FoB was what made Series Three for me.

  • Tom Daylight Says:

    I feign surprise. Congratulations!

  • Graham Bandage Says:

    The Stop Moffat campaign starts here!

    Well done, by the way. Human Nature was incredible.

  • James Moran Says:

    Wahey! Huge congratulations, that's utterly fabulous and very well deserved. Let the leaping commence!

  • invincor Says:

    More congratulations!! I can't wait to get to Denver to vote for "Human Nature." Not even weeping angels could stop me. (see what I did there?) :)

  • Garpu the Fork Says:

    Congrats! Wow, all of them on that list were strong. (That having been said, I still haven't seen "Razor.")

  • Maria Lima Says:

    w00t!! Paul, that's fabulous!! Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination.

    Totally my favorite 2 eps of series 3. :)


  • Dave Frear Says:

    A well deserved nomination. My highlight of the third series. Well done that Paul.

  • Colin Greenland Says:

    Paul, congratulations indeed, and all good wishes. That was a wonderful episode - we watched the 2 of them again recently and really admired them. Pathos and excitement, and some original and memorable performances.

    'HN' was the episode that really won me over to David Tennant, come to think of it. His Doctor I often find too emotionally pumped up - all eyes and teeth - but his John Smith was very affecting.

    Hugos are nice. Very much hope you get one.

  • Furious D Says:


    Wow, if anyone deserves a Hugo it's you.

    Good luck.

  • Adaora A. Says:

    I have to say that you deserve it.

    P.S. You're never going to find a bigger DOCTOR WHO fan then me!


  • Lee Says:

    Seconded. HN/FoB was the highpoint of the new series so far. Best of luck with the nom.

  • funnyerik9 Says:

    Congrats! Definitely deserving of it! Wohooo!


  • Mark P Says:

    Congratulations and, much as I like Blink, you deserve this one for the best story of the season.

  • Karen Funk Blocher Says:

    Congratulations on the inevitable! Seriously, I would have been mightily miffed had HN/FOB not been on the Hugo ballot. It really is my favorite story of the season, possibly of the entire revived series 2005-present.

    Now to see how this set of voters parses the choice between two stories in which the Doctor was notably absent.

    (Drat, I failed to work the phrase "the mighty juggernaut that is Steven Moffat" into the above. Good luck!)

  • Anonymous Says:

    Good. You deserve it!
    John Charny

  • Mark Goodacre Says:

    Congratulations! Definitely one of the best Doctor Who stories ever; really hope you win. It's just debuted on BBC America and we watched it again and loved every minute of it. Wish we had a Paul Cornell story in Series 4. :(

  • PammieJR Says:

    CONGRATS! I saw the announcement on Outpost Gallifrey today..

    I am pulling for you! That was such an incredible story!

  • Naomi Says:

    Congratulations, Paul!! The absolute best of luck, and I really hope you win - if nothing else, I have a dollar riding on you beating Moffat...

  • Michele Says:

    So it's Quills at Dawn" between you and "the Moff" eh? I feel kind of sorry for the voters having to choose between three of the strongest episodes of the season !

  • Lins Honeyman Says:

    Well done, Paul. Completely and utterly well deserved. Human Nature and Family of Blood (and Father's Day) is amongst the most thought-provoking and striking television that I've ever had the pleasure of viewing.

    Have you stopped leaping yet?

  • Keith W. Cunningham Says:


  • Lou Anders Says:

    Huge, huge congratulations!

  • Jason Sanders Says:

    Mucho Hugo Congrats Paul!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, everyone. Colin: you especially know what getting a Hugo feels like. Lou: maybe you will this time round. I really appreciate all the support. Cheers.

  • Lina Says:

    That is so fantastic and well-deserved. Congratulations!!! Everyone I talk to ranks your two parter as one of their favorite episodes in all of Doctor Who. It's so fabulous!

  • Patrick M Says:

    Let me add my congratulations on your nomination and hopes for a win!

    As I said over at DWF, if you're going to be here in Denver for the Hugos in August, as a native, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least provide you with a few recommendations for restaurants to try out downtown. So in no particular order:

    Sort of Mexican meets neuveau cuisine. It's at the corner of 14th and Larimer, about six blocks from the Colorado Convention Center. If you enjoy the odd experimental beverage, try the jalepeno martini.

    Restaurant Kevin Taylor at the Hotel Teatro
    Good thing the pound is so high against the dollar right now, because this French restaurant, while quite festive, is rather pricey.

    Panzano Italian Restaurant at the Hotel Monaco
    Not a bad bit of Italian, the only real knock on this place is that you still feel like you're dining at a hotel.

    The Oceanaire Seafood Room
    The menu for this restaurant changes daily, as it all depends on what fresh fish is brought to them. But the decor is stunning: vintage 1930's Steamship Interior. Think "Voyage of the Damned" without the tragic ending.

    They bill themselves as "Mediterranean," and while I haven't been there yet, they've won several awards, and friends who've been there have raved about it. Located across the street from Tomayo's in Larimer Square.

    The Capital Grille
    An excellent steakhouse, if you enjoy a good steak. It's also in Larimer Square, just up the street from Tomayo and Rioja.

    And if those don't suit your tastes, no worries- I can provide you several others.

    Can't wait for the Hugos now!


  • Anonymous Says:

    I don't know what a Hugo is but since this is for 'Human Nature' you must win it. That lovely story should be able to win anything.
    -just a DW fan from Aus

  • Paul Griggs Says:

    And on the subject of Eastercon

    This is the point where I traditionally call you a b*st*rd...

    Between you and Mitch Benn my facebook list is rapidly turning into "We hang out with Neil Gaiman and you don't... Nyer Nyer Nyer..." :P

    Oh... congrats on the nom... :)

  • Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations, Paul! Here's hoping you beat Grand Moff-at Steven! :-)

    Jack Beven

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, and especially for the list of restaurants, which I shall make note of. And yes, Neil was lovely, more on that when I blog about Orbital.

  • BaaBaaDoodle Says:

    Congratulations for a ripping great yarn being recognized. I have watched the two-parter several times over from beginning to end and it gets better every time. Best of luck at the Hugos!

  • Tom Doyle Says:

    What an excellent pair of episodes!
    I met you at World Fantasy before seeing your Doctor Whos, and now I know what the fuss was about. Congratulations!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, you two.

  • MJC Says:

    Congratulations! You and Moffat both deserve to win, Blink was great, but I think you slightly have the edge this time. Human Nature/FOB was so awesome. Whether the voters decide it's time to award something other than Doctor Who remains to be seen, but you deserve the shiny rocket. (that sounds dirty)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. I'm on tenterhooks now. By Denver I'll be twitching.

  • BaaBaaDoodle Says:

    Paul -

    Will you be making any other stops/appearances/etc. when you come stateside?

    Those of us around the Beltway (that is, the Wash DC/Virginia area) never seem to get anyone to stop by here. I guess everyone figures we already have enough fantasy going on in the White House. Anyhow, would love to know if you are planning any East Coast stops.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm provisionally appearing in Atlanta next year, but that's not much good to you lot. If you can name a suitable convention, maybe we could sort something out.

  • Patrick M Says:

    I'd be careful about twitching when you arrive in Denver, Paul. I have it on good authority the folks at Customs tend to frown on letting people into the Country who twitch.

  • liakhovich Says:

    Greetings from Moscow, Russia.
    Love your work. Human Nature was fantastic, both the novel and the TV version. Hope you win. Good luck!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you! Greetings from Oxfordshire!