The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Two

I’m very pleased to announce that, once again, I’ve got a Christmas Doctor Who short story in a broadsheet newspaper. This one, ‘The Hopes and Fears of All the Years’ is going to be in the Daily Telegraph a week today, this is on Saturday 22nd December. It’ll also be on the Telegraph website:

And there will be some fantastic illustrations by the lovely Mike Collins, who draws the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip. Mike’s website, with samples of his work in general, is here:

I do hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy doing these stories. When I was a kid, I’d always write a Doctor Who story at Christmas, often featuring Saul, the sentient church who then went on to appear in my first Doctor Who New Adventures novel. I suppose my career’s come full circle.

Last night, we went out to see Boogie Me, the nineteen piece rhythm and blues orchestra that Caroline sings with. They topped and tailed a cabaret for the birthday of a friend of ours, and, as always, gained momentum throughout, until everybody was dancing at the end. I’d rolled in only about an hour before from (critic and author) Kim Newman’s Christmas lunch, which poor old Kim had to leave early because of illness. I was sat with (artist) Judith Clute and Barry Forshaw, now a critic and writer on crime fiction and SF, who, back in the day, did some artwork for Doctor Who Magazine himself. And it was appalling as always to see (horror editor and publisher) Stephen Jones, who was delightfully quarrelsome as ever.

Anyhow, tomorrow will hopefully see the first of my meatier topics of this year’s Twelve Blogs, when I attempt to review this year’s Favourite Things. I leave you with this little gem from, ahem, The Fast Ood Rockers, which, as I believe the young people say, ‘mashes up’ Doctor Who, Goldfrapp and a few other things in a satisfying way:

Until tomorrow, Cheerio!

12 Response to "The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Two"

  • Kev Says:

    Great to hear that you're writing another story for a national paper. Last year's turn was a lovely one, so I shall (for the first time in years) buy a Telgraph next weekend. Kev

  • Simon H Says:

    I have to say I throughly enjoyed the Boogie Me gig last night, and to make the night even more perfect we got to enjoy your own unique blend of "dancing" at the end. Marvellous, simply marevllous.

  • hlisy Says:

    Nice to see that you're still writing DW stories, and I hope we'll see more of them on TV in the coming years. No pressure there!

    I support the WGA strike, but as an American I selfishly would've liked to see one of your stories on US TV.

  • Michele Says:

    I found The Fast Ood Rockers track a couple of weeks ago and laughed myself silly over it !!

    Yay for a DW short story from you - I shall definitely look out for that one...

    I'm having a bonus DW Xmas as I'm not only getting the S3 boxset and "Invasion of the Bane" from my family, I finally received "Bernice Summerfield: Missing Adventures" from the BS radio comp AND someone gave me a copy of "Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury" edited by that Paul Cornell bloke! :D I'm taking both of those home to read over my brief Xmas break with my parents and sibs.

  • Michele Says:

    PS Is it 6.50 pm Xmas Day yet?

  • Anonymous Says:

    Get Dr who dancing ?Give that poor man some bounce

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you, all. Everyone knows I can't dance, but do! I think it's important to do that. Hmm, funny you should say that, Anon. And Michele, I hope you enjoy the Treasury especially. That's one of my favourites of things I've done.

  • Michele Says:

    I'll let you know... I'm making myself wait to read it - but it's a strong temptation !

  • KattaHj Says:

    I came here from reading the Christmas story, and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. Also, your DW eps are fantastic.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh, thank you!

  • LynnS Says:

    The Christmas story? Absolutely brilliant, as I think you guys like to say. :) I found your blog from it and have subscribed. As an aspiring fiction (and longtime professional nonfiction) writer, I'm hoping a little of you rubs off. Er, in the most platonic sense.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you!