The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Nine

Well, the Daily Telegraph story is out there, and it looks lovely. I’m very pleased by the reaction, too, so many kind comments, for which many thanks. If you’ve popped in because of the address at the end of the story, welcome! Hop back down the Twelve Blogs and you’ll find all sorts of festive stuff. If you’d like to enter a contest to win the original art, have a look here:

That closes at midnight on Christmas Eve!

Today was my day for sorting out the last few cards (mostly e-cards now), and collecting the last few packages of presents. A big shop for foodstuffs may be in order tomorrow. But right now I’m anticipating nothing more than going to sleep for about a day.

So, if you’ll forgive me, today I’ll limit myself to two announcements. First off, talented cartoonist Laurie Sage has been illustrating the competition page on Facebook with a series of sketches featuring ‘Paul and Mike’, who are lime and pink, cute, perhaps some sort of animals. I’m so charmed by them that I hope they go on to careers of their own, and their origins as relatively obscure writer and acclaimed comics artist will become a source of fascination in the pub quizzes of the far future. Each of them rhymes with ‘Paul and Mike are great’, because (and it wasn’t my choice!) that’s what contest entrants have to write. Here’s a couple of the pieces:

And she can be found at:

I love it with something one (or one’s agent) does results in a chain reaction of creativity.

The other thing I want to mention is: if you live near Harrogate, Hornchurch or Nottingham, do you fancy going to see a panto written by a Dalek? Nick Pegg, talented actor, writer and Dalek operator on the new show, has been writing pantos for many years now, and he currently has three playing in the UK. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is on at the Harrogate Theatre until January 12th:

Mother Goose is at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, also until that day:

and Peter Pan, starring Debra Stephenson in the title role, with John Challis as Captain Hook, is on at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham, until January 20th. And Nick is directing this one, too:

It’s my guess that there will probably be a couple of Doctor Who-ish in-jokes in those productions. Oh yes there will. Until I see you tomorrow, with hopefully a bit more energy for content, Cheerio!

9 Response to "The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Nine"

  • Rob Says:

    I've needed an excuse to buy the Telegraph for ages, so thanks.

    Really enjoyed the story; though I could see the "twist" coming, I could tell I was supposed to, which is exactly how it should be; lots of young 'uns will feel a little glow of cleverness, I hope.

  • Caz Says:

    *feels a lil glow of cleverness*

  • tlsmith1963 Says:

    I read the new DW story at the Telegraph website. What a nice story! I really enjoyed it, Paul.

  • The Sword Is Drawn Says:

    Sitting in a grimy-seated local services train into Birmingham this afternoon, I noticed that John Barrowman's Birmingham Hippodrome production of Aladdin also appears to be billing itself on having Daleks, as a major selling point on the poster...

    But don't worry, non-Who fans. If this doesn't float your boat, you can always console yourself with that bald chap from Banzai or The Grumbleweeds playing two 'Chinese Policemen'. I found myself wondering in what possible way that might not be offensive... But it's panto! It's a British institution, which (providing that you don't have to explain it to somebody from outside of the UK) will always remain sound. ;-)

    As a personal note to myself, regardless of whether I haven't seen an old friend, and his other half, in almost six months nothing should ever again possess me to attempt the Bullring on the last Saturday before Christmas.


    It certainly felt like something of biblical import was being referenced today. But, by the crowds, one might think it was less of the 'Good News' element, and more like preparing for the times foretold in the latter sections of the text...

    Merry Christmas, all! ;-)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you, all. I hope the little glow extended to you all. And I see you had the sort of experience I had today, Sword!

  • Gigi Says:

    Thank you for the story...I've only just seen it. What a treat on Christmas Eve!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Aww, thank you!

  • Toga Says:

    I enjoyed your story very much. It made me smile and warm for the Holidays.

    May yours be the same.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you!