Writers' Guild Awards

Just a quick note to say how proud I am to share in the Writers' Guild Award for the scripts of Season Three of Doctor Who, presented last night at Bafta. A concise and witty ceremony, compared by Jeremy Hardy, included Joan Collins accepting for J.K. Rowling, a much-deserved Lifetime Achivement Award for Alan Plater, and the showing of some of the YouTube videos that the American Writers' Guild have made to explain their current (vastly justifed) industrial action. (I'll be putting links up next blog.) Doctor Who beat Life on Mars Season Two, and the current series of New Tricks. It was a pleasure to accept the award alongside Steven Moffat (who made a typically funny speech), Gareth Roberts and Stephen Greenhorn, Russell, Helen and Chris being unable to make it. So I'm very chuffed. Until next time, and tales of Dublin, Cheerio.

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  • IZP Says:

    Delighted for you all! When I opened up the double spread in the that glossy brochure I couldn't help thinking they'd give it to New Tricks just to upset Chris Chibnall's mum.

    Also delighted about Plater- an absolute hero. Hope this makes it easier for him to get work on TV again.
    I've enjoyed his recent stage and radio work but it's the TV where he really sings for me.

  • baked Says:

    Congratulations!! great news and well deserved (although I was horribly torn between the Who gang and my equally beloved Life on Mars)

    You won over very stiff competition, so I say again congratulations!!!

    Great to hear about the solidarity with our WGA writers, too.

  • Chris Says:

    Well done, you all deserve it!

  • Maria Lima Says:

    Congratulations, Paul!

  • The Audio Time Team Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations

  • Dave Frear Says:

    Congratulations. A well deserved victory.

  • Dozeymagz Says:

    Brilliant news! Well done!!!! Congratulations to all of you - you all deserved it!
    Thank you all for giving us such top entertainment - it is SO appreciated!!!

  • andy, Giant Paw Says:

    congratulations!...thanks for making saturday nights unmissable!

    ...and for writing stories that my 8 year old son will carry fondly with him for the rest of his life!

  • A-M Says:


  • Garpu the Fork Says:

    Congrats! Season 3 was arguably one of the best so far.

  • heatherfeather Says:

    Great news on the DW win. You guys deserve it.

    Although the link between Joan Collins and JK Rowling leaves me scratching my head:)

  • tlsmith1963 Says:

    Congratulations! That's really cool. To keep on the subject of writers, though, I was wondering what your opinion was about the writers' strike that is going on here in the US? They don't seem to appreciate TV & film writers over here enough, that's for sure.

  • Paul Campbell Says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you very much, everybody. I gather than J.K. asked Joan (who proudly announced herself to be a Guild member) to do the honours, so I presume they're friends. And T.L., I'm very much onside for the strikers, who are campaigning for rights that, largely, British writers already have.

  • Tom Green Says:

    Congratulations, Paul. We've put some pics from the Awards up on the Guild's blog: writersguild.blogspot.com

  • James Moran Says:

    Very well deserved, a hearty congratulations, sir!

  • Duncan R. MacMaster Says:

    Congratulations. Very well deserved.

    The Writer's Strike is already having an affect on film & tv production. Most of the daily talk shows have gone into reruns, while the prime-time sitcoms and dramas are going to go into reruns in the New Year.

    In Canada, where I live, the rumours are that American networks are going to buy Canadian shows as filler during the strike, creating a possible conflict. The makers of the Canadian shows support the strike, but wonder if the sale of already made shows might be considered crossing the picket line.

    Anyway. It's just a rumour. I think Hollywood needs to rethink how it does business if it's going to survive.

  • Michele Says:

    Congratulations !!

    Bit peeved the official annoucement on the BBC's DW news page neglects to mention YOU though ! Silly bairns !

  • Mary Robinette Says:


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Tom, and it was good to meet you. Some great pictures on that link, and I'll nick the one of our lot, if I may, and put it on the next blog. Duncan, it's a fine point, isn't it? And thanks again, everyone.

  • Pauline Says:

    Congratulation on your win. Now that I have met you, what a lovely man you are!!!! and eventhough Peter will go mad I said this but your voice is strangely like Boris Johnson's!! (whom I think is hilarious - although sometimes not on purpose!!!!!)
    The 2nd Comic Con was amazing. Great to see it in a nice warm hotel this year. Peter(the serious Comic fan) was so happy you signed his 40th Birthday card and comic. I worked up serious brownie points this weekend. not sure if you noticed, but the hotel, it was like an alternative world, a tiny bubble, where everyone knew these artists and writer, everyone talked about styles and their most beloved and moreover people trying to out-geek one another. Furthermore how many of these artists/writers would be noticed if anyone else (non-geek) met them on the street, they would not pass them a second glance. Like the super heroes they create, we knew their secret identity, without their PR masks on. Its seldom that I have spent such a happy weekend, with a bunch of passionate, intelligent, gentle creatures.
    The artists and writers were great too.
    Roll on Dublin Comic-Con 2008!!!
    Everybody....Get your Geek on!!!!!!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I think that's a very good description, Pauline, (of the convention, not of me) and thank you.

  • Pauline Swaine Says:

    Hi again,

    Forgive me for me "Boris" comparison. I assure you no offence was intented. This may shock you and probable most of the sane world, but they are those of us that find that strange, goofy, man attractive. Ok, maybe not Paul Merton or Ian Hislop perhaps but some might!!!
    Please write more amazing work like "Family of Blood", and Peter can't wait for Excalibur. Again well done on the win.
    I'm off now, time to take my anti-crazy medication!!!!!

  • Moore & Reppion Says:

    Belated congratulations from Leah and myself. Hope you had a good time in Dublin (sorry we couldn't make it), looking forward to hearing about it.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    No problem, Pauline, indeed it has been said before. And thanks you two, sorry I didn't see you.

  • Lou Anders Says:

    Belated congratulations here too!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Lou.

  • Pauline Swaine Says:

    Ahh but you did see us!!! Peter was in a Simon Pegg t-shirt, beard, red head???? I was the nut (short black hair, demin skirt) that stopped you on the stairs and then ran over to get you to sign the 40th Birthday card and then back again to sign The Wisdom comic. I might also have ranted on about my wonderful man, who is the Head Historian in Kilkenny Castle, and how even though he was a geek, he was my geek. Most people who meet me don't usually forget and have nightmares for several weeks after being in my presence.
    On a slightly different note, on my Bebo site this morning there was a message from the gang that organised the Dublin City Comic-Con saying
    "Glad you had a good time and your partners birthday card must be the first collaboration between those particular talents (Mark Miller, Steve McNiven, Nick Roche and Paul Cornell)so hang on to it, ya never know."
    Now, I bet you remember!!!!!!

  • Paul B. =:o} Says:

    Congrats to all on the latest addition to the mantlepiece(s)! =:o}

    BTW, Have you seen this?
    Interesting reflections of the parallels between fanfic and midrash.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Yes, I know I saw you, who could forget? I was talking to Moore and Reppion. And similarly, thank you, I shall go and look.