The Next Couple of Weeks

I'm very busy, which is always good. Into the final stretch of the novel. Which is an emotional time, because I'm having to deal with some big stuff in the writing of it. I may well write the words 'The End' this week, and will blog when I do. But I've been writing myself notes along the way about many different things to fix when I go back over it for the last time before sending it to my Agent. The word on draft one of Primeval is good, and I'm having a meeting with them next week. And I'm also working on a few more things I can't talk about yet.

We've registered for Worldcon in Yokohama, and I've voted in the Hugos, pushing the Doctor Who team vote, obviously. And I've nearly got to the end of the vastly tortuous process of actually getting a room in the nearest hotel, the last hurdle being that we don't own a credit card... and we should!

Yesterday, I did a lovely interview with Gill Oliver, a journalist on The Oxford Times, for a forthcoming feature. I'll let you know when it's out. Tonight is the Clarke Awards, which I always have fun at, and moreso now that I know the British SF gang and have many friends going. And I shall have my Agent alongside me, so there will be fun. Then on Friday we're off to see the new Ghost In The Shell anime movie, Solid State Society (and an episode of the very patchily funny anime comedy Cromartie High School, for some reason), introduced by anime expert Jonathan Clements, as part of the Sci-Fi London film festival:

To which we'll also be popping along on Sunday, to join a team as part of their Pub Quiz. Many of my new aquaintances in Third Row Fandom should be enlivening these events, and I believe there will be noodles beforehand on Friday.

On Saturday, my wife's folk band The Magpies will be playing Faringdon, and then next week, on Monday evening, the nineteen piece rhythm and blues orchestra for which she is one of the three girl vocalists, Boogie Me, will be playing here in support of former Squeeze man Chris Difford:

And that Friday, I'll be guesting at the Bristol Comics Expo:

Where I'm pleased to say that I'll be sharing a panel with Allan Heinberg, writer of Grey's Anatomy, The O.C. and now, for comics, Wonder Woman and Young Avengers, on the whole TV/comics crossover thing.

Phew! Still, it's good to be busy! Wish me luck, and I'm sure I shall see you again in the meantime. Cheerio!

7 Response to "The Next Couple of Weeks"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Excellent a panel to go heckle.

    Mark P

  • Timothy Carter Says:

    Hello, Paul! Terriffic blog. I know I've read some of your Doctor Who novels (did you write the 4th Tymewyrm novel?), and I know I've seen some of your Who episodes. Fantastic, as a certain leather-clad timelord would say!

    I'm also a writer, slowly but surely breaking into the biz. Please check out my blog sometime.

    Take care!

    - Timothy Carter

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Do indeed come along and heckle, Mark. 'TV writers coming and taking comic writers' jobs!' That sort of thing. Yes, Timothy, I did write that one. Thanks, and good luck with your work.

  • Matthew Says:

    Congrats on your Big Finish story, you seem to be everywhere these days.

  • Skeeter Says:

    Hey Paul, does that mean you won't be around for the rest of the Comic con weekend?

    Was hoping to wave manically and say hi at some point

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    No, I'm around the whole weekend, so do find me and say hello. Cheers.

  • Mags Says:

    Will probably see you at Brizzol - it's fallen in the weekend in the midst of my training, so I'll be looking rather red-eyed.