Smith and Jones

Wasn't that great? Pow pow pow plotting, a great introduction for Martha. It played really well at Jeremy Bentham's party. Big laughs in all the right places. And on the way home, members of the public talking about it on the train, in the railway station... a very good sign. Bit more about the party, and a photo, soon. Cheerio.

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  • Jamie Says:

    Bonkers but brilliant, which is an apt description of the show as a whole.

    Loved every second

  • Papa Bear Says:

    I enjoyed it, especially the more deranged moments -- the Doctor's first appearance was wonderful, and the punchline to it neat. The Judoon were pretty nifty, the central villain an amusing conceit, and the writing just raucous -- some of the best RTD's done for the series, i think, just full of mad joy.

    And I do like Martha. I was afraid I wouldn't; now I'm looking forward to seeing her in the coming stories. I just hope that RTD resisted the urge to drop back in oin her family the way he did with Rose's lot.

  • Eric Says:

    We've been looking forward to it since...well, the end of "The Runaway Bride," I guess. We thoroughly enjoyed it. (Is it just me, however, or has the Doctor been spending a lot of time in hospitals over the last few years?) Great introduction for Martha (and she got her snogs in a lot quicker than anyone else!), the Judoon were great, and the moon shots were terrific. Now bring on Shakespeare!

  • hexacontium Says:

    Lovely episode, and I finally managed to convince my boyfriend to watch with me. He gave up on Who as a child when his mum 'forced' him to watch and he could not find any sleep for days after having seen some green monster *chuckles*

    Martha is lovely and the story as a whole a wonderful introduction to her. Just as with many stories, the final sollution was a bit too quick and simple. Ah well, quiet good nontheless for a season opener :D

  • Fiona Says:

    I loved it, it was fantastic.

    I grinned upon noting the New Earth reference as the Doctor and Martha watched the chaos unfurl when the Judoon came marching in.

    Was anyone else reminded of the Vogons when the Judoon handed Martha a piece of paper for compensation? XD

    I also found it ironic that Mr. Stoker fell victim to what was, in essence, a vampire.

    An interesting story, though. I think I'm gonna like Martha. She seems cool. Can't wait to see how her character develops.

    Looking forward to next week's Shakespeare story. =D


  • Dom Carver Says:

    It was always going to be a hard episode to write, introducing a new assistant with out retreading old ground, but RTD pulled it off.

    As for Martha? I'm not sure yet, but then we have tweleve more episodes to get to know her better.

  • DanProject76 Says:

    It was, to overuse a Doctor Whoey word, fantastic. As was expected.

    Looking forward to a certain 2 parter based upon a certain favourite book of mine...

  • john campbell Rees Says:

    Smith and Jones was the best of the season opening episode for many years.

    The scarecrows looked magnificent on a full size cinema screen. They showed the BBCi trailer at the end of Smith and Jones at the preview screening in Cardiff yesterday morning. Human Nature/Family of Blood is now top of my list of stories I am looking forward to.

  • Tim Bishop Says:

    I read about tonights edition of 'The Sky at Night' in the radio times this morning before I came online and it does sound worth watching. I haven't seen the programme for years. The last time I saw Patrick Moore on televison he was playing the xzylophone on 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'. Was the book he gave you fiction or non-fiction? When I was young I had an SF novel for children by him but I can't remember what it was called.

    'Smith and Jones' was great. Certainly a better season opener than 'New Earth' and possibly better than 'Rose'. 'An Unearthly Child' still rules though. 25 minutes of character drama with very little plot and I still find it enthralling.

    The Judoon were great. I loved the fact that they were stupid. I hope we get to see them again one day. Congratulations to Nicholas Briggs for his voice work.

    Martha I instantly liked. The scene with her and the Doctor outside on the moon was very well done. Looking forwards to the rest of the series. It could turn out to be the best of the three that BBC Wales have made.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    It's great to see so many positive comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hex: that qualifies as aversion therapy I'm sure. Tim: the book he gave me was the then latest of the annual Sky At Night paperbacks. I read a few of his children's novels when I was a kid. It's amazing how little was known about the solar system in the 1950s: he allowed himself lunar life, if I recall correctly! And I assume he was writing to the best of current knowledge. Can't remember any titles.

  • Erykah Says:

    Next time we're both down the pub together I promise to come and say hello! You also don't have intimidating hair (hope that's not a disappointment...)

    Loved the episode though, series three so far sounds like it's going to be brilliant.

  • David Alexander Says:

    Fiona -- Phil Collinson, in the commentary, pointed out to the very hyper Freema Agyeman that not only was Roy Marsden's character named Stoker...he was Mr. B. Stoker....

    Cute throwaway gag, that.

  • Mags Says:

    I utterly loved the Doctor's miming along to "it's bigger on the inside", and that he takes that as the cue that Martha is going to come along for a ride (hur hur).

    Also...the blue suit? Yum.

    and there's nothing like a good Helmic regulator reference.

  • Sabrina Says:

    Blue suit with red shoes was a bit too SpiderMan for me.

    Liked it when he came back with the proper brown.

    Also loved the New Rocks on the space rhinos!

  • Matthew Says:

    I generally don't like Russell's episodes, but for some reason he seemed to be more focused this time. Martha and The Doctor were given the right sort of light plot to get some character development in the same way Sarah Jane and The Doctor got a good seperation in The Hand Of Fear (even thou Phillip H hated the story for being a bit short).

    Congrats to Steven for his nomination, is it possible for me to send a letter to him giving him congrats?

    BTW, my review of "Smith And Jones" is up at the site I regularly write for:

  • Derek Says:

    Series 3 hits the ground running; very impressive opener. You can tell they've ratcheted things up a notch, post-Rose, to keep us amazed. The Judoon are now my favorite new series alien race, their appearance perfectly in keeping with their function and their MO. Anyone else reminded a bit of the Chelonians from the NAs? :)

    Dangerous, and ultimately brilliant decision to plop us into Martha's world in the first few minutes. The call waiting (or whatever you call it in the UK) gag could have been stale, but it was a great way to "meet the Joneses" and put the POV firmly with Martha from the get-go. Lovely gag with the tie, as well, and making me (at least) genuinely wonder for about a third of the episode if he's OK, or gone off his rocker in depression. Nice suspense, RTD! And a totally-in-keeping throwaway reference to his family to keep us fans speculating for a while.

    And can I say how much I love the series' approach to science? Just enough mild techno-babble to make a few things semi-plausible, and then a load of hand-waving (or rather, sleight of hand!) to keep the plot moving. H2O transfer? Sure, why not! New sonic screwdriver, just like that? Sure, why not! :)

    I've had a feeling for a couple of months that Series 3 was going to top the highs of Series 1 and 2; so far, right on schedule.

  • jwrobbins Says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I am enjoying everyone's enthusiasm for Series 3. Being an American, my only experience of it so far has been all the reviews, synopses, and comments I can find. They are going to be showing it this summer in the US, so maybe that means an '07 DVD release. Until then, I'm living vicariously through you all.

  • invincor Says:

    David Alexander, you've got your comment backwards. It was Freema who pointed out the B. Stoker joke, while Phil Collinson expressed surprise that he hadn't noticed that gag before.

    8 out of 10 on the episode for me, btw, but that's only to leave room on the scale for the power hitters later on in the line-up. :)

    -Steve Manfred, River Falls, WI

  • Martin Hoscik Says:

    Hi Paul

    It was good to atually meet you the other day - I enjoyed our chat and apols for monopolising you for so long!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well, you know, the hair is meant to be... I'm not sure what it's meant to be. Footwear for Who monsters is always a problem. It's always expensive making spaceboots, so they always used to be sprayed silver wellies. At least they're fashionable now. It's probably quicker to drop Moffat a line on Outpost Gallifrey. He still pops up there. And oh, that was you, Martin. Always good to meet a fellow politico. Glad you all enjoyed the episode as much as I did. Today I had a lovely TV meeting and went out to dinner with My Agent. I'm not going to blog after every Who episode, chiefly because I want to talk about Rome and Galactica soon. Next week's Gareth one is something to behold as well, though. Cheerio!

  • hexacontium Says:

    *grin* aversion therapy...
    We're one step further now and faced the scary monster on the computer screen, it's something from "City of Death", so long ago. Maybe I can convince P. to actually watch that episode with me ;) Anyway, cool to discover that we have the same personal first Doctor.

  • A-M Says:

    It's taken me till now to recover from my heavily Doctor Who themed weekend, and it was fantastic! The episode felt like old Who to me, corridors and everything! *grin*
    Martha's a big hit at our house, and I get to spend sepnd the next 12 Saturdays being anti-social! Yay!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    You just have to say to him: how did the guy in City of Death see through his mask? Not so scary now. (Actually, we see he's clever with holograms, but I prefer the idea that he's just walking around very carefully and trying not to trip over things.) It's lovely to read about the little one enjoying herself. That was a good Ood!

  • jackooo Says:

    I watched Smith and Jones and disliked it (i was arguing with my sister for most of it), then i watched it a second time and i love it to bits, i think its one of RTD's best scripts ever!

    The old lady vampire with the straw was so funny yet so obvious, if i was gonna suck someones blood, i'd wanna be neat and tidy and use a straw!

    funny thing is, i thought the plasmavores were your monsters! Looks like there's something new to be scared of :D


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    An arguing sister always limits one's enjoyment, and should in no circumstances be provided in a boxed set. And indeed, the plasmavores aren't my monsters!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Paul mate, why oh why do you always pull a comedy frown in pretty much all of your photos? Next you'll be photographed beside RTD and you'll both be pointing glibly at each other. You know the reference. Try to be slightly less self-aware/deprecating in future, it doesn't become you.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm afraid that's just my face. It does that. Is that Guy? It certainly sounds like you!

  • maggie Says:

    I think your photo is charming, and that you should ignore anonymous. He/she/it clearly has poor taste.

    I managed to see Smith and Jones (won't say how...) and loved it. I was so worried about not liking Martha, because I adored Rose so, but against all the odds I found her adorable and, thanks to you, we're even facebook friends now.

    Can't wait to see The Shakespeare Code!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm glad you like Martha. The above is one of those posts I get now and then, which could be anything from completely lovely to downright insulting, depending entirely on who its from. I should fix the settings not to allow anonymity, but then Mark Peyton would have to get himself an account!