Lots of Small Comic Things and a Doctor Who Video

Still haven't got that contract. So still no big news. Sorry. So I thought I'd plonk up a few fun things and bits of news I've been meaning to chatter about for some time, mostly, as it happens, comics related.

First up, next Wednesday in the USA, a day later in the UK, issue five of Wisdom is out. This is the one with the big cliffhanger ending revealing our villains in all their glory, leading straight into our extra-length final issue. Hope you enjoy it. (Edited from it being this week. Yes, you would think I'd know! Thanks, Mark!)

Secondly, available soon is The Wolfmen, a complete graphic novel in glorious black and white, very much in the British crime/horror tradition, by Andy Bloor and Dave West. The art is particularly nice, and there are half a dozen pages of it for you to inspect here, wallpapers, a sketch book, all the fun of the web:


I mention this because the boys were kind enough to ask me to write the introduction. And a great pleasure it was too.

Thirdly, the latest edition of online comics roundtable The Panel is now out. I'm a member, and today's topic is 'how to break into comics'. I think I manage to sum up my thoughts on the matter pretty well:


Forthly, Nick Roche, the highly talented Transformers artist, tells me that this time next week the first comic that he's both written and drawn will be out. It's Transformers Spotlight: Kup, the story of grizzled warhorse Transformer Kup. Who, stranded on an alien planet as he is, has still managed, Nick tells me, to create his own page on MySpace:


Nick really has a way with the Robots In Disguise, and I heartily suggest you check it out. Even if I'm of the generation who were just too old for robots that turn into ghetto blasters.

Finally, showing that the young are really rather good at editing their own Doctor Who -related satire these days, it's Doctor Who in the Dragon's Den:

That courtesy of Dalek Emperor John at:

Dragon's Den being a British TV show where would be inventors pursue investors for money. If that made no sense to you over that side of the pond.

Anyhow, hopefully I shall news for you soon. Cheerio!

12 Response to "Lots of Small Comic Things and a Doctor Who Video"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Erm Wisdom is on release next week.

    Almost had a heart attack.

    Mark P

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Have now edited the blog. I really should pay more attention. Thanks!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I nearly ran back to the comic shop but luckily I checked my list.

    Think Nick's Transformers is next week too.

    Mark P

  • Matthew Says:

    A question,

    What were you doing during Series 2 that you couldn't write an episode? I meant to ask this but didn't know whether it was cool to do so.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I was writing two episodes of Robin Hood, but rather more importantly, they didn't ask me.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Paul, I made a comic strip of my own! You can see it on the Fun Stuff page of:


    It's amazing what you can do with a few old photos...



  • Ioan Morris Says:

    Ohh yeah, that was good Who! Cannot wait for next week - surely the point of cliffhangers?! I have every confidence that your eps this year will be some of the BEST EVER...no pressure, obviously! Have you seen 'em yet, btw? All the best, mate. Top , top work.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Martin, shouldn't you be writing? I've just seen a rough version, and I'm very pleased with it.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I am - just rekeyed the first 20k of my new thing before sending it to my agent. It's completely different to the other stuff. Sort of Donnie Darko meets Joel Lane.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    We all look forward to it.

  • gordon_r_d Says:

    I just got up and did a little happy dance in my room after reading the last page of Wisdom #5. I was expecting something Cthulhu-ey, so was a wee bit surprised. They even go "Ooooooolah!". Lovely!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Glad we surprised you. Much oooh-lahh in the final issue! Thanks!