Wisdom iMix for Americans

My good friend Lou Anders, boss of Pyr Books, sorted out a version of the iMix soundtrack for Wisdom issue three that's accessible from America:


It's meant to come online in the next few hours, if not already, but there's no way I can check, so, someone on that side of the pond, please do go have a look and tell me, thanks awfully.

Meanwhile, Newsarama have a rather lovely review of said issue three in their Best Shots column:


And the lovely Dave Wallace adds another nice review in Line of Fire for Silver Bullet Comics... and they say comics are full of violent imagery... well, the names of comic review columns are:


Steven Moffat directs me to one of the BBC's first cooperative ventures with youtube, a behind the scenes piece with Peter Davison talking about his new comedy series, Fear, Stress and Anger, produced by Steven's wife, the lovely Sue Vertue:


And for those of you who've asked, bless you, chapter seventeen is sorted. I read five pages of chapter one at the Fifteen Minute Club in Faringdon on Sunday night. And didn't get heckled. Much. Phew.

Proper blog soon! Cheerio!

10 Response to "Wisdom iMix for Americans"

  • Jonathan Says:

    In the iTunes music store you can change the country you view, so you can look at the US store to see the iMix. You just can't buy it unless you have a credit card with a US address...

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    But I believe you can't create one in a foreign store.

  • Tim Bishop Says:

    This comment isn't particularly relevant to the last post but it is 'Doctor Who' related so I hope I can be forgiven for posting it here. I have just been watching episode 2 of 'The Visitation' and I was thinking about how there was a lot more humour in the new series than there was during the time of the fifth Doctor. About two minutes after I had this thought, Tegan had been captured and was being asked where the Doctor was from and she replied something along the lines of 'I don't know but he often talks about Guilford'. I've seen the story before a couple of times but hadn't noticed that line which I found to be hilarious and felt the need to share with the world.

  • Jonathan Says:

    Ah no, sorry - misunderstood ;-) I thought you meant you couldn't see the one that had been created...

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I always prefer to get new comments about anything in the topmost post: easier to deal with everything in one place. That's just a Hitch-Hiker's reference, though, am I right?

  • Matthew Says:


    I submitted your canon article that you wrote a few days back to Newsvine, Paul. Just so you know.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh, well, that's great. Probably. Cheers.

  • Tim Bishop Says:

    It could well be a Hitch-Hikers reference. I hadn't thought of that.

  • noel Says:

    Hello! I'm over in the States, and I could access the soundtrack just fine...looks interesting!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh, right! Glad you can see it.