The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

It's the start of British Summertime, what Americans call Daylight Saving Time. The start of wonderful light evenings. Caroline feels exactly the opposite, alleging that she's had an hour's sleep stolen from her. I've had a lovely weekend, with lots of sleep, having completed my 10,000 word week, plus loads of other stuff.

You remember the Time War, Russell's hinted-at happenings in Doctor Who between the end of the 8th and the start of the 9th Doctor? When I was a young Who fan, that would have been the territory purely of imagination and fan fiction. But these days, skilled video makers like to have a go at filling in that gap. For instance, as found by Nev Fountain...

I think that's rather good. The whole purpose of such gaps, as the old series knew also, is to stimulate our imaginations to do some work on behalf of the programme makers. It's one of those things that only this show does, and it does it very well. 'I was with the Philippino Army during the final assault on Rekyavik' said Tom Baker's Doctor, making the sets and special effects around him much better in so doing.

Another serious work week lies ahead of me, but I shall do my best to pop up again. Until then, Cheerio.

10 Response to "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year"

  • jackooo Says:

    Thats a pretty cool video :D

    Whilst being dragged around town today i decided to treat myself to "Circular Time". Halfway through Summer at the mo, its pretty cool =) Although i'm looking forward to the "unashamed fan-pleasing" story ;)

    take it easy man,


    p.s. series 3 next weekend, woohoo!

  • Paul Says:

    Hey, I can see me on that map! :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I hope you like it when you get to the end. Guys, I'm afraid I zapped the map, edited it out of the blog. It just wouldn't do what I wanted it to, and like many things one finds on the internet, I started to wonder about the reason for its existence. I may go in search of a frapper map or something like that in the near future.

  • Cav Says:

    Paul, the last episode of Circular Time is wonderful. It gave me a warm fan-glow of the like I'd forgotten it was possible to get.


  • jackooo Says:

    circular time rocked! i really loved how poetic and cool the stories were, without being filled with explosions and monsters. And i liked how each story had elements and themes of each season. Nyssa was really well developed, and the 5th Doc has always been my fave, so i loved the bit at the end where he runs off into the future :D

    Well done to you and Mike and everyone who made it =)


  • hexacontium Says:

    Oh, I love daylight saving time as the evenings are so warm at the moment and I can enjoy my little bit of free time just a bit more, rather than sitting in the dark. My garden is in full bloom (well, it has been for most of the winter, which is probably scarier than the creepiest monster) and it's just a lovely spring.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much for the Circular Time reactions. I must say, it seems to have been generally well thought-of. I'd love to have a garden. It must be great to be able to go and sit in one. And a shed, I especially want a shed!

  • Peter A Says:

    In this week's "The Now Show" (BBC R4), I liked the audience answers to the question: "What will you do with the extra hour of daylight each day?"

    A1: "Photosynthesise."

    A2: "It's not an extra hour, it's a *different* hour!"

    I doubt this will comfort Caroline much!

  • Jwrobbins Says:

    Thanks for the link to that video. There are also some other interesting looking ones at the website as well-
    And while we're on the subject, I also enjoyed Circular Time (as well as pretty much everything that you have entered into the Whoniverse - sorry, that is your only stuff I've read). The last episode is one of those that you almost feel guilty about enjoying because there is so much history (yes, history) in it, but you can't wipe that silly grin off your face when you're done.
    And that extra hour of daylight means that I can get some of the yardwork done during the week and don't have to do it all on the weekend.
    P.S. With Series 3 only a few days away, isn't it cool that a childhood fascination continues to be such an enjoyable aspect of adulthood?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I've been waking up vastly early and knocking off five hundred words or so before breakfast. The climate does feel awkward, though. It's more like early autumn to my nostrils. Thank you very much, JW. I hope you like my latest bit of Who when you see it.