Martha on MySpace and Eagle Awards

I thought I'd just keep right on posting in the run-up to Saturday's first episode of Doctor Who. We're all excited, right? And I'm having some sort of crazy writing splurge, and really just can't stop of an evening. Perhaps it's the lack of alchohol.

First off, isn't it amazing who you meet on MySpace?

And rather well-written those entries are too. Never mind training to be a doctor, she ought to try journalism.

The voting stage for the Eagle Awards has begun, and you can vote:

Both of our Wisdom inkers, Paul Neary and Mark Farmer, are represented. And if I may point out a campaign that's already obviously had some effect, famed 2000AD letterer, the late Tom Frame, has nods both for his craft and on the Roll of Honour. He was by all accounts (including those of several good friends of mine) a lovely chap, who passed away before his time, and to honour him thus would be apt. I'd also like to mention Liam Sharp's Event Horizon, Liam being a sweet guy, and one of my favourite artists to have drawn the macabre Man-Thing. In fact, when last I saw him, I told him that I enjoyed his Man Thing so much that I'd like to have it hanging on my living room wall. Cheerio!

9 Response to "Martha on MySpace and Eagle Awards"

  • A-M Says:

    Excited? Nah not much! Honest!

    Watched the extended trailer type thingie via the red button on digital earlier, then squeeed down the phone about it to my other half...then my neice watched it and squeeed down the phone at me as well. (This was after a long discussion about the colours her mummy was painting her "Dal-egg" for a school Easter Egg competition - she's officially out doing me in the "sad fan" stakes now!)

  • A-M Says:

    oops! should point out that mummy was only painting a couple of fiddly bits for her.

  • Anonymous Says:

    You should also all vote for Millarworld in the best online site (given Fractal Matter didn't get enough nominations this year).

    Mark P

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    It's on continuous play in my house. 'Who are you?' 'THE FAMILY OF BLOOD!' 'Oh, I was expecting the postman.' And aww! And yes, I should have mentioned Millarworld. Sorry. (And sorry for liking the JSA. And 52. I may have mentioned that.)

  • Anonymous Says:

    It's ok Paul, we'll let you off this once.

    You have read Starman haven't you?

    Mark P

  • monic Says:

    Hello. I found your blog months ago when I read your take on Doctor Who and canonicity but it didn't click in my head that you were the same Paul Cornell who wrote Father's Day.

    It just hit me today.

    I loved Father's Day, I loved how you wrote Rose and Nine and Pete -- actually I just love the whole episode in general. I'm one of those new Who fans and I've been two (three, four, ten) minds about watching Doctor Who season 3 (because Rose was my first companion and it was hard to let go) but now I'm so very excited about it --especially since you've written a two-parter for S3!

  • Anonymous Says:

    And you wrote that Man-Thing line before you watched Graham Norton? Scary.

  • Estrella Says:

    That Martha Jones blog on Myspace has certainly sparked debate on the livejournal community devoted to her and Freyma!

    Thankyou for the link Mr Cornell.

    A lot of the Old School who fans have been recommending the e-book version of your novel to the new fans, whose interest was piqued by the trailer. Several of them went straight off to find it!

    Just started reading it myself actually, and I cannot wait for the episodes either ! (Think me and my younger sibling will both be hiding behind the sofa, if there's room)

    I'll stop wittering now. Sorry


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I must read Starman. And thus make myself vaguely disappointed thereafter. Thanks very much, Monic, I'm sure you'll like the new season. I'm not sure what it is about my appreciation for the Man Thing that you find curious, Anonymous. Many's the time when, not being able to sleep at night, I grab my Man Thing, and I get off right away. I'm glad to hear about that, Estrella. It's good to hear of LJ supporting the character and especially the actor. There are bits of the novel that rely on New Adventures continuity, but I hope you enjoy it.