The Doctor Who Premiere

Just a quick post to say I did pop along to the media showing of the first two episodes of the new season, and had a vastly enjoyable evening. My absolute favourite Script Editor, Lindsey Alford, was there 'looking after' all us writers. She made sure that there was no red wine left to harm us. (Not that I'm back on the wine yet.) I hobnobbed with Moffat and Greenhorn (who it turns out is the writer of that new Proclaimers musical that everybody's been talking about this week) and the lovely Helen, and my old mates from SFX. The Doctor Who Confidential gang (old friends of this parish), were also running about, recording everything. And hey, paparazzi and fans crowding outside. That's how big this is now.

The episodes themselves are cracking. The sheer bounce of this start to the season. Have your high expectations and then double them, this is the stuff. 'Smith and Jones' is perhaps Russell's best crash bang wallop episode, full of one-liners, and Gareth's Shakespeare episode continues in just the same vein, only with that very particular Gareth voice that those of us who loved his Who books are delighted to hear from our TV screens. Freema does a fine job, with a wry little smile and an analytical joy about where she ends up, and the relationship is brand new, different, a fresh start. And it was great upon great to see some clips from 'Human Nature' in the trailer at the end.

It still boggles me sometimes. I actually got to write for Doctor Who. And thanks to that, got so many other great gigs too. One of these days I must corner Russell The Davies long enough to let him know how grateful I am. Maybe when we're ninety. And in the same retirement home. On Mars.

Anyway, I got home bouncing. And I'm on my way to a 10,000 words of prose week (though of course loads of it will turn out to be rubbish when I go back and edit), and have managed everything else too.

So all is good. Cheerio!

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  • A-M Says:

    I love that fact I am still excited about the show. I am counting down to the new series like the good "sad fan" that I am. (I mean "sad fan" is a good way, though don't ask me to explain it.)

    My neice has been pouring over every issue of Doctor Who Adventures in the break between series, and stood mesmerised by the huge display in Toys R Us last month. (but so did I, let's face it.)

    A week on Saturday is going to be a big Doctor Who day as the Up Close exhibition opens in Manchester then too. I adore that the show can still make me feel like this. And I adore the fact that I'm getting to share it with my neice who takes it all in and asks amazing questions afterwards.

    Oh and I've just finished re-reading Human Nature and am now intrigued...

    Yeah, enough waffling now, I'll go! 8-)

  • Ross Says:

    My envy knows few bounds. I'd be happy even to see the new episodes premiere on the telly... alas, in Canada, we must linger over the Outpost Gallifrey reviews until the CBC finally shells out some cash to buy the series. But to attend the bash... to write for the show... maybe one day. Kudos once again, Mr Cornell. My ebay copy of "Human Nature" is in the post, or so the American vendor informs me. Something to look forward to in the meantime!

  • Justin Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Off topic comment warning!

    Just wanted to leave word because I caught your episode of Robin Hood (Episode 3) on BBC America this weekend. It made me happy, and I'm officially a fan.

    Love to hear what's happening with the show, though please no spoilers for the remainder of the episodes --

    Thanks, and good work, sir!

  • hexacontium Says:

    Thanks a lot for reporting, Paul. I'm usually not the type of girl that gets overly excited but you got me bouncing all over my small office now. Can't wait for the premier. Off to work now.. and re-reading a few old books :D

  • kopicbloodaxe Says:

    Hey Paul! Thanks for the update. Now even more excited than I was five minutes ago. So excited, in fact, I can feel the tears of joy running down my legs.

  • Fatso, the wombat Says:

    Dude, really, there should be no sense of bogglement; you're writing for DW 'cos you're damn good at what you do. If you weren't you wouldn't be.

    Without wishing to be sycophantic (I'm never sure if I spelt that right) if I were to chose the story I'm most looking forward to in Season 3; it's your one. If it's half as good as the book was it'll be a thing of beauty.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, all, and I'm glad you're feeling the excitement. It'll be cool to see the second episode at Eastercon.

  • Freudian Slip Says:

    Glad to see them keeping up the quality. Too many good shows lose their umpf these days!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I think the oomph is here now more than ever.