Doctor Who Hugo Nominations

The nominations for this years Hugo Awards are in. In the Drama, Short Form category, we have:

Battlestar Galactica, 'Downloaded'.
Doctor Who, 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday'.
Doctor Who, 'The Girl in the Fireplace'.
Doctor Who, 'School Reunion'.

Stargate SG-1, '200'.

Congratulations to Russell, Steven and Toby. Much deserved.

And congratulations to my friends Lou Anders (his first year with a Best Editor nod, may it be the first of many), Charlie Stross, Ian McDonald, Geoff Ryman, John Picacio and Sue Mason.

The full list can be found on Lou's blog, as listed on the right there. (But he forgot to mention the Stargate, which is why I had to edit it in later!)

But no Pan's Labyrinth in Long Form!

Oh, and PS: do check out tonight's Dead Ringers, which includes our own dear Doctor David in a sketch co-written by the show's creators, Tom and Nev, and Doctor Who novelist and audio writer Johnny Morris.


4 Response to "Doctor Who Hugo Nominations"

  • hexacontium Says:

    Wow, the Hugo Awards are getting slightly boring. See you on the list next year, Paul :D

  • Alex Wilcock Says:

    Thanks for the news, Paul, and (now that Blogger’s comments are back up) in advance of your nomination next year… ;-)

    For UK readers, clips of your story – and others – are now on constant rotation in a thrilling Doctor Who preview montage on Freeview 302 (the red button thingy). I’m spending far too much time watching it and not enough writing about Julian Glover and Pamela Ann Davy but, after all, your s********s are thrilling, and so is your mannered young gentleman.

    And then there are the flying *****s, which may not be yours but which I’m sure you’ll also find exciting…

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh, I really hope so, and thanks. That Hugo Nominee pin is my proudest possession. I love the red button trailer. It was originally shown after the press launch. Alex isn't actually swearing with those asterixes, but preserving spoilers. But I utterly agree, my s********s are thrilling.

  • yorkshirewench Says:

    Thanks for the heads up re David on Dead Ringers - he does a wicked Tony Blair impression. Have you been watching the Robin Hood sketches throughout the series? Any thoughts you'd care to share? ;)