What We're Worth

$2,425.31 !

The generous winner calls themselves 'Fenric'. Let's hope they're nice. And that they're up for an evening out.

15 Response to "What We're Worth"

  • Anne-Marie Says:

    What a great total! Nice to know your value eh?! 8-)

  • Julio Angel Ortiz Says:

    I can only imagine that you're not sure whether to feel proud... or undervalued. ;-)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I think most of that value is Moffat's. I'm more of a 'and we'll throw in this set of spanners' addition to the offer. So far, Rob Shearman says he's joining us as well, and the buyer has got in touch, and seems lovely. We'll make sure to stick some pictures of the night up for everyone to see.

  • Minge Says:

    I'm desperate to know how you get on! Will the only topic of conversation be Dr Who? Will you let out any spoilers? Will you be bombarded with questions about John Barrowman?

    I need to know!


    Have a fun time.

  • Spaceminx Says:

    And lets hope Fenric's skin condition clears up before the night. ;)

    Ooh look at me, I made a Dr Who joke!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well, we won't let out any spoilers. Nor will we allow any chessboards to be brought along.

  • Minge Says:

    What's on the menu?

  • fenric Says:

    I thought I should sign up and post here! Glad to hear that Rob will be joining us as well. Luckily for you, I am not a big spoiler guy (although the friend I am bringing with me is)! And, Paul, you are MUCH better than a thrown in set of spanners. Should be a fantastic night, and it's for a great cause, which is even better.

  • Minge Says:

    I want to know what you ate.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    We'll get far more than Rob for the night: he just immediately volunteered. And glad to see you here. We will obviously post all the details when it's happened, though possibly not the menu.

  • Minge Says:

    Oh, and take photos! I want to see if you've all got mouths like the TARDIS!


  • ian gordon Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    Only discovered your "blog" today via my snooping 'round for some Robin hood updates. Can't wait for the new series, which I believe you're also writing for.

    Best wishes, and cheers for now.

    Ian G.

  • robin hood Says:

    Also looking forward to that...

  • Minge Says:

    Who's paying for the actual food?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Good to see the tiny teaser for Robin with Who this weekend. I've now finished my work on the show. It's going to be great.